Predicting the Future the Easy Way (Part Two)

Look, unpredictable events, good and bad, will happen. In fact, they happen so often that you could say they’re… predictable? The real variable in predicting the future is you.

A Perfect 2017: Part 4: Seven Secrets To Faster Goal Achievement

This a proven, mega-successful system you can use forever. By now you’ve got a set of about 10-11 goals listed and you’ve created plans for the larger, more detailed goals. Our final step is to speed up the process, right? This is a list of ways to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

A Perfect 2017 Part 3: Make A Plan For Your Goal

A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Many people have goals, few ever create real plans to achieve them. Follow the process below and you’ll be on your way to real transformation. Start by writing the goal at the top of the page…

A Perfect 2017 Part 2: Gettin’ Specific

This is step two in my 4-part Virtuoso Goal Achievement System. Here you’ll take your brainstorming from last week and turn it into specific outcomes, where you want to be by the beginning of 2018. It really works!

Six Easy Steps To A Perfect 2017

How to start 2017 with a clear idea of where you want to be by 2018. This, combined with my next post will give you a clear, empowering plan to create the perfect outcomes in 2017.

You’re A Genius and I Can Prove It

You are a genius. At something. Perhaps many things. When you act on your genius you unleash your greatest power on a world that desperately needs it! Teenagers need to hear this as well.

I Need To Be More Like My Beagle. Well, Kinda…

I Need To Be More Like My Beagle… Well, Kinda…  We recently adopted a rescue dog, a five-year old Beagle mutt named Daisy. First of all, definitely adopt a rescue dog if you can give it a good home. There is so much need and the love you’ll experience with your family pet is more […]

What You’re REALLY Doing By Giving Thanks…

There is ALWAYS something for which to be thankful in your life. And there is always something for which to be thankful in others. If you try you can thank even your greatest enemy or the most failed human being for something. So my tip is to become incessant and prolific in saying “thank you.”