Six Easy Steps To A Perfect 2017

Carve out one uninterrupted hour, before Jan1.

Pour your favorite beverage.

Sit in your favorite place, be it a chair at home, a small table at a coffee shop, a library… wherever you feel at peace.

Open your notebook (computer/tablet if you have to but a permanent, paper journal is better).

Relax, pray for guidance if you pray, and let your mind go!

Begin to imagine…

Imagine it’s one year from today.

You’re looking back over 2017.

You’re excited! You can’t believe how amazing the past year has been, the positive changes in the important things.

So, how did it happen? How did you create such an amazing 2017?

Let’s get specific and begin writing.

What would a perfect 2017 look like?

1. Relationships…

What does your marriage look like? How close are you with the significant people in your life? How have you improved as a parent and how are your children relating to you? What friendships have begun or improved? other family And what about extended family? Even professional relationships?

2. Career…

What does your career look like one year from now? A promotion or new position? A raise? A new job? Have you expanded your business? What do you love about the positive changes?

3. Finances…

What does your financial picture look like one year form now? Are you out of debt? Are you operating from a plan? Do you have a financial planner (which I highly recommend). What is your net worth? Are you operating from a budget? Saving? Investing? Do you feel at peace with your finances?

4. Health… 

How are you healthier one year from now? Have you been exercising regularly? How much do you weigh and what is your Body Mass Index? What is your diet like? Have you participated in athletic events? If so, have you set personal records?

5. Spirituality and Giving…

How has your spiritual life improved? If you believe in God how will it feel if you’ve made more time for prayer, meditation and service? Whatever your faith, have you put it in action?

6. Finally, what will you stop doing in 2017? 

Is there a habit you need to break? A behavior you need to change? Imagine how it will feel one year from now, on the other side, with the old behavior behind you and the change completely manifested? Wow!

From your answers your goals for the year will start to take shape.

The idea here is to think not in terms of resolutions, but in terms of outcomes.

Remember, you have the power to change and improve the your life. 

It doesn’t take the changing of the year to make that change but what an opportunity to start anew!

Next week we’ll take the next step.

Please share this with someone special you think could use it.

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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