Why Rayburn?

Why Rayburn?

“I work with organizations and individuals to turn stagnation into transformation, and mediocrity into mastery.”

- Mike Rayburn

Five reasons you need

Mike rayburn!

Mike rayburn

1. The Artist Advantage.

Where do organizations turn when they need to innovate and perform like masters? Usually to business speakers or sports figures.

Rarely do they go to artists.

Yet for artists, as Rayburn says… “This is our life blood! We live and die based on our ability to create and perform under pressure, on demand.”

Just like your teams.

This, combined with his entrepreneurial and business performance acumen makes Mike Rayburn uniquely qualified in the world to teach artistic principles in a business context to motivate, inspire and equip your teams.


2. He proves it.

Most speakers illustrate their points using power point and statistics and talk about why it works. Rayburn on the other hand, will actually illustrate and prove the tools he teaches works, onstage before your eyes and ears, using world class guitar and comedy.

3. It's the experience.

“Content is critical. But content doesn’t change people. If it did, you could just give ‘em all a book. What changes people is the experience of that content and this is what I do! I will make this unforgettable for your people.”


4. Memorable and repeatable.

Your attendees will be repeating the “What IF” question and message not only throughout the conference but for months and years to come! “What IF?” becomes like a song hook you can’t get out of your head… but this one will make you money!

5. It's Different.

If you want your teams to be creative, innovative and perform like masters, why not show it to them onstage in the speaker you choose, instead of using the same old speakers who just stand and talk?

As rayburn says...

As rayburn says...

Why Rayburn?

Why Rayburn?

Why Mike Rayburn

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