I Need To Be More Like My Beagle… Well, Kinda… 

We recently adopted a rescue dog, a five-year old Beagle mutt named Daisy.

First of all, definitely adopt a rescue dog if you can give it a good home.

There is so much need and the love you’ll experience with your family pet is more than worth it!

That said, check out what I have learned from Daisy…

#1 Focus 

When Daisy decides she wants something, that’s it. Her devotion is total, her memory is long. Daisy knows exactly what she wants.

Unfortunately, what she wants is our food, or our trash, or gross things. Ugh.

So, do you know what you want? If not are you actively pursuing finding it?

#2 Determination 

There is a reason for the word “dogged,” as in DOG-ged, as in like a dog.

When Daisy knows what she wants she becomes single-minded and relentless in her drive to get it.

Yesterday, after finally buying a heavy trash can to keep her out, Daisy figured out how to topple even this one…

I came home to find coffee grounds, food wrappers, milk cartons, even a turkey carcass strewn and hidden about the house.

She’s good.

So, do you go all out for what you want? Are you relentless and single focused or are you easily deterred?

Here’s a test to find out:

How are you doing with your 11-month old New Year’s resolutions? 

Remember those?

Or, what goal do you really want that you’ve been putting off for “good reasons?”

Maybe a little “Daisy Determination” is what you need.

#3 Enthusiasm

Daisy is excited about exactly everything.

Someone came home!

Someone wants to play!

Someone said my name!

It’s time for a walk!

Let’s curl up on the couch!

Let’s go pee…!


So, what if you had even a touch of that Daisy enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is shown in study after study to be one of the most sought-after traits in prospective employees, one of the best determinants of job success, life satisfaction, higher income, better relationships…

So, are you enthusiastic?

I’m not talking about forcing yourself to become a silly cheerleader.

Be enthusiastic in your own, authentic way.

Enthusiasm is merely a choice about how you live out your day.

#4 Get Some Rest

It is a lot easier to be focused, relentless, and enthusiastic when you’re well-rested. But unlike Daisy, most of us need SLEEP!

You know you’re an adult when there is no time during the day that you couldn’t fall asleep given the chance.

Sleep is how our cells regenerate, our bodies heal themselves.

Instead, we stay up late, get up early, snack on bad carbs, and wonder why we’re sleepy and lethargic?

Not Daisy.

Daisy’s always ready to go precisely because she sleeps all night and takes rest breaks during the day.

How can you begin to get enough sleep, to take rest breaks through your day?

Well, kinda… 

Daisy still sniffs other dogs, eats trash and things too gross to mention, wanders off, doesn’t always come when she’s called… so there are some ways I don’t want to be like my beagle.

Or… do I?

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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