A Perfect 2017: Part 4: Seven Secrets To Faster Goal Achievement

So, if you’re following along the past three tips have been the essence of my Virtuoso Goal Achievement System.

If you don’t have them they’re my last three blog posts:  https://mikerayburndev.wpengine.com/oldsite/blog

I suggest copying them each into a document and saving them, adding this post as well. Use them whenever you set goals.

This a proven, mega-successful system you can use forever.

By now you’ve got a set of about 10-11 goals listed and you’ve created plans for the larger, more detailed goals.

Our final step is to speed up the process, right? This is a list of ways to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

1. Write each goal using the three “P’s” – Personal; Positive; Present Tense. That means use “I” or “My,” make them positive – don’t use “don’t” or “not,” and write them as if they already exist – Not “I will earn $75K in 2017” but “I earn $75K in 2017.” In my live events I explain how this effects the sub-conscious mind but for now trust me, it works.

2. Emotionalize them. “I joyfully earn $75K in 2017.” Emotions drive us even more than results do.

3. Identify the Limiting Step. Then focus your attention on that step. In every plan there is one step that defines how fast (or even if) you will achieve your goal. What step does everything else hinge upon? In my example from last week it would be either landing new clients or learning new skills. Once you do either of those your leverage for either a raise or more commission is stronger.

4. Write down your list of eleven goals every morning. This is one of my favorites because it’s so easy and works so well! Every morning take 3-5 minutes and write down your list of goals. This puts them front and center in your mind.

5. Develop a “30-Second List.” What are your life goals? Can you name your top three life goals in 30 seconds or less? Most can’t, if they have them at all. If you can’t, how in the world can you expect to achieve them? Set three big, awesome life goals and memorize them. Then think about them, keep them as a mantra.

6. Identify the critical goal. From your list which goal, if achieved, would cause the others to happen, too? For instance, if you have goals for a vacation, a new car, a higher income, giving more to charity, etc, focus your time on the higher income because, with a higher income all the other goals are easy.

7. Visualize your goals. This is amazingly powerful. Choose a goal (or an important event) and imagine it complete. In our example goal let’s say you have a meeting next week where you’re asking for a raise. You’re nervous about it. Take ten minutes or so to lay down on your back and relax deeply (don’t fall asleep). Pretend you’re in a place you love. Now, picture this meeting going perfectly. Imagine yourself walking in, shaking hands and feeling strangely confident. Imagine sitting down and then every detail of the conversation going perfectly. And most important, imagine exactly the result you want. Feel the exultation at achieving the goal! Do this multiple times before the event. This technique alone can be worth thousands of dollars and amazing life changes for you.

I have more of these secrets I’ll share at another time.

The important thing is you now have my Virtuoso Goal Achievement System… Use it. It really works!

And feel free to share it.

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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