Predicting the Future the Easy Way (Part Two)

Abraham Lincoln said…

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

I believe the future is much more predictable and in our own control than we realize.

The fact is, you are predicting, creating and deciding the future right now. 

Just take an honest look at your actions and habits.

If you’re dedicated to your career, you show up early, stay late, train and learn, if you’re willing to do what others will not, I can predict your future.

If you’re smoking a pack-a-day, I can predict your future.

If you’re humbly dedicated to your marriage, willing to forgive and serve and grow and put your spouse first, I can predict your future.

If you’re drinking too much; eating junk food, heavy carbs and sugars and not exercising… yep, I can predict your future too.

Think about this…

Any time you set a goal to which you are truly committed you are predicting the future.

When you take action on that plan you are literally creating the future.

Most people who might go to a psychic are looking for some special angle or some hope for what’s coming their way, when I just want to say…

That hope is in YOUR hands!

Look, unpredictable events, good and bad, will happen.

In fact, they happen so often that you could say they’re… predictable?

The real variable in predicting the future is you.  

If you are taking full responsibility for you outcomes; if you are proactively (and prayerfully) imagining, designing and taking serious action on your future, you will fare well through the predictable storms of life.

Better yet, when the equally predictable windfalls of life happen you will benefit exponentially!

Take action on this. Today.

Set, commit to and act on a goal right this moment.

Choose a habit to drop and one to add.

Trust me, when you take responsibility for your future and act on it, you and I can both predict your future… and it looks really good. 

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Live Truly, Truly Live,


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