A Perfect 2017 Part 3: Make A Plan For Your Goal

A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

More than six months ago I promised to share my Virtuoso Goal Achievement System and just so you know, the past two week’s tips, plus this plus next week are exactly that.

If you don’t have the other two they’re living on my web site at www.mikerayburndev.wpengine.com/blog.

If you’ve taken action on the last two steps you now have a list of more or less eleven goals for 2017.

I want you to choose the one goal that you want the most, that seems hardest, and would have the greatest positive effect on your life if you achieved it.

I’ll give an example. Let’s say you currently make $50,000 per year and by the end of 2017 your goal is to make $75,000.

Now, follow the process below. Start by writing the goal at the top of the page.

Goal: I love earning $75,000 per year by December 1, 2017. 

1.  Define and describe the goal completed- What will it look like when it’s complete and fully implemented? I’ll be able to pay off debt, invest for the future, take a great vacation, give to charity. (Note: This step should make you grin.)

2.  Brainstorm… The mind dump.  Write down everything you need to do to complete this goal, anything that comes to mind.  I could increase my skills, pick up new clients, start getting feedback to get better, ask for a raise, get a promotion, talk with mentors.

3.  List the steps in order. (The dates are explained later).

A. Ask my boss for suggestions on how to improve. (Jan 23)

B. Start getting feedback/evaluations. (Jan 23)

C. Begin new professional training. (Feb 1)

D. Apply new ways of prospecting for clients (Feb 15 ongoing)

E. Use my increased results for leverage to ask boss for $10K raise. (Apr 1)

F. Scout out promotion opportunities – sales manager. (Apr 15)

G. Learn position requirements and develop necessary skills and relationships. (May 1)

H. Land lucrative new clients. Create value. (One per month starting June)

I. Apply or ask for promotion. (Nov 1)

H. Get promotion to sales manager. (Nov 30)

I. Salary is now $75,0000+/year. (Dec 1, 2017 or sooner)

4.  Choose a completion date. Dec. 1, 2017.

5.  Work backwards to put each step on the calendar. (approximate when each step will happen – you can change them if necessary)

6.  Launch!  

7.  Be flexible as you proceed – no plan goes according to plan.  Ask, “What could change or go wrong with this plan?” Prevent or prepare for these possibilities. Solve tomorrow’s problems today.

8.  Stay focused and determined.  How bad do you want it?  Remember that problems and obstacles are there to get you to the goal, not to stop you.  If it was easy everyone would do it and it would have no value.  Stumbling blocks are all stepping stones to the goal.

9. Complete the goal.  (Remember, 95% done is not done; done is done).  

10. Celebrate!  The goal completion in and of itself is a reward.  But reward yourself separately and specifically for completing this goal, in some way commensurate with the goal. 

This is obviously a very general example so you need to be creative in applying the to your own goals, but it is a good template.

I advise creating a similar plan for each extensive goal you have, even personal goals… imagine a plan like this for your health, your relationship!

Whatever you do don’t let another year pass by without really going for the things you want… this system works. USE IT!

Set the goal, make the plan, and LAUNCH!

By the way, creating plans for your goals is part of my individual coaching and is a major focus of my Life Virtuoso Systems, which I am creating this year.

If this kind of planning is of interest to you please email my awesome assistant: nicole@mikerayburn.com.

Please pass this along, and be sure to use it your self. Take action NOW!

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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