The What IF? Experience

A Vital New Mindset For Innovation and Virtuoso Performance

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The "What If?"

Keynote experience

What If?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it... right?" Here's the problem with that:





Therefore you need a new mindset... for change, for innovation, for creativity.

For seeing the opportunities that others miss.

You need the "What IF...?" mindset.



Rayburn's "What If Keynote Experience" Will...

  • Elevate, energize, and set the tone for success for your event by opening or closing on highest note possible!

  • Energize and equip your teams with the tools to get the most from your conference.

  • Transform your teams into possiblity thinkers, finding opportunities where others miss them.

  • Renew your passion and ability for thinking big and taking bold action.

  • Encourage smart, neccessary risk-taking.

  • Align your teams with a common mindset, the “What If Mindset”.

You Will learn how to...

  • Stop managing change, and start to create change, to LEAD change.

  • Unleash your creative genius.

  • Turn problems into opportunities.

  • Harness the most powerul motivational force on earth (hint: it’s not power, money or fame).

  • See the pandemic and all that has come to this point as a powerful launching pad for what’s next.

Let's Go Deeper

Rayburn offers five powerful breakout and keynote implementation sessions for groups and teams to get the most out of Rayburn’s message and expertise!

What if we could, how would we? Every major innovation, achievement and unlikely victory in human history began with a bold “What IF?” question… which is exactly what we’re going to do! In this interactive and completely customizable presentation we will use the question what if to learn creativity (especially for those who think they’re “not creative), innovation, change and radical problem-solving.

You and your teams will learn the simple tools, practices and principles used by the greatest creative minds of all time to innovate, to create change, and to solve even the toughest of problems.

Through interactive exercises and hands on application you and your teams will learn and actually practice the “Creative Mindstorm, “Creative Brainstorm” simultaneously tapping into their creative genius, and applying it to desire outcomes… which is the foundational essence of innovation.

You will learn practical ways to move from a posture of managing change to one of creating and leading change.

In a pre-event call Rayburn learn what your most desired results and pressing problems are, and together we will create an experience which achieves your highest goals, gives you huge ROI for your conference, and cement’s this simple, effective tool in people’s minds forever.

In this powerful, interactive breakout/workshop session you and your teams you will learn to think big – bigger than you have – about your business, life and career. They say a mind, once expanded by a new idea never regains it’s original shape. That is exactly what we’re going to do. You will learn to stop filtering your goals through what’s possible, and instead start with what’s cool! What’s right! What’s the dream case scenario? Goals that complete this phrase: “OK, this is crazy but we’re going to _________! Why set a course which is obvious and boring? Why not start with the dream case scenario… In a perfect world what would you do? THAT is the type of goal which brings elevation and transformation. 

We will then translate your new vision into specific goals, actionable plans, and commit them to the calendar. The idea is for everyone – individuals, teams and entire organizations to know what to do starting day one to achieve your highest aspirations! This session is completely customizable to fit your people, your organization and your desired outcomes.

You will also learn the secrets of goal achievement. These are the tools, practices and principles utilized by top 1% achievers in any field to sharpen your learning curve and streamline your accomplishment of even the boldest of goals! Among them you will learn techniques for visualization, morning routines, and programming the subconscious mind for maximum efficiency!

Together, we’re going to write music you can’t play… and then do whatever it takes to play it!

Rock the Team… is an exhilarating, music-themed team-building exercise designed to ignite collaboration, creativity, and cohesion within corporate teams. This immersive experience combines the power of music with dynamic group activities. It is flexible and customizable based on a pre-event call with Mr. Rayburn to incorporate your theme, areas of focus and desired outcomes. Based on your preferences participants will work in pairs or small groups to do any one of the following co-creative activities”

1. Write and perform a song… based on a specific theme or topic relative to your organization. They will choose a style of music and will perform the song for the group. This can be an original song or a parody of an existing song (as Rayburn does in his presentations).

2. Write a commercial jingle for a given a product or cause which they will perform for the group and the end. Again, they can parody a jingle they know, or write an original.

3. Build a Human Orchestra: Assign different musical instruments or vocal parts to each team member. Instruct them to create a harmonious piece of music by imitating the sounds of their assigned instruments or vocals using only their voices and bodies. This exercise encourages teamwork, coordination, and active listening.

As a professional songwriter and guitarist Mr. Rayburn will coordinate, facilitate, instruct and encourage each team as necessary to guide them in a fun, musical, and often hilarious experience!

At the end we will come together as a group to share observations and takeaways.

“Rock the Team” fosters a supportive and energetic environment, encouraging participants to harmonize their strengths, communicate effectively, and work toward a common goal, resulting in enhanced teamwork, active listening, adaptability, and trust.

“Become A Virtuoso” is an engaging and transformative breakout session designed for corporations and any organizations seeking to empower their employees with personal and professional mastery. This session delves into the art of becoming a virtuoso in one’s chosen field, highlighting the principles of skillful performance, continuous learning, and self-motivation. Beginning by making the simple yet rare choice to Become A Virtuoso, through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants explore, learn and apply techniques to unlock their full potential, cultivate a growth mindset, and navigate challenges with resilience. From honing expertise to fostering creativity and effective collaboration, this session equips attendees with valuable insights and actionable strategies to excel individually and collectively. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and unleash the virtuoso within.

Your teams will leave equipped with the tools, mindsets and principles practiced by top 1% performers in any field.

“Virtuoso Life: How To Master Your Time!” is an empowering breakout session designed for corporations and teams seeking to enhance productivity and well-being by mastering the art of time management, which ultimately translates into effective life management. This engaging session revolves around three key principles: Values, Priorities, and Actions. From your simple daily “get-to-do” lists, to learning the long-term life-cycle of every entity called the “Sigmoid Curve,” participants gain valuable insights into aligning their time by choosing and ranking their core values, using their values to determine their priorities, and using their priorities to most effectively choose their actions. This session revolves around the powerful premise that “There’s not enough time to do everything. There IS enough time to do the most important things.”

We live busy lives. In fact, from this day forward you will have more to do every day than is humanly possible. The ones who are most successful are the ones who will accurately and most effectively choose what to do and what not to do.

Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees learn to make conscious choices, eliminate time-wasting habits, and get the most out of their time… and thus their lives!

Your time is your LIFE. Learn how to get the most of it!

Once our event is booked we will have a “What If Exploration” call where Rayburn can learn about your audience, teams, theme, needs, challenges, and all desired outcomes in order to tailor his presentation to deliver on and exceed all your expectations. 
Rayburn can effectively focus his presentation on any of the following:
* Innovation and creativity
* Change 
* Performance and execution
* Overcoming adversity
* Thinking big and goal setting
Ten ways to use Rayburn…
* Opening and closing keynotes
* Sales conferences
* Incentive trips
* All-employee days
* Employee/associates appreciation events 
* User groups
* Franchise owners and entrepreneurs
* Events with any kind of music, rock, arts, or performance themes
* Associations and member events
Rayburn is also glad to present his keynote and his entertainment in the same event without repeating material. It’s an amazing way to supercharge and up-level your entire conference.
Rayburn illustrates and delivers his memorable, transformational content using guitar and comedy (rather than PowerPoint and statistics)! This makes “The What IF Keynote Experience…” 
* hilarious
* musically amazing
* visually artistic above and beyond typical PowerPoint
* effective…  Like a song hook you keep singing, your people will be repeating “What IF?” throughout the conference and benefitting from it for months and years to come.
  • Speaker Hall of Fame member
  • Certified Speaking Professional
  • 2X TED Talk Presenter
  • Featured Artist on SiriusXM
  • Endorsed by McPherson Guitars and Elixir Strings
  • Voted “America’s Campus Entertainer of the Year” 3X’s in 4 Years
  • Winner of the Harry Chapin Award for Contributions to Humanity
    (Past recipients President Jimmy Carter, Kenny Rogers and Jackson Browne)


Get a FREE download of Rayburn’s guitar version of Bohemian Rhapsody! Plus, get your weekly mindset advantage through his “The What IF Weekly” publication.