The artist

The artist

"Rayburn's Show is just plain fun... It is smart, Hilarious, and filled with such amazing guitar work!"

-Mark Johnson, Carnegie Hall promoter







“Classically Trained, Comically Derailed” is an energetic, hilarious, musical odyssey of guitar creations, parodies, mashups, and originals unlike anything you’ve seen before. Imagine Eddie Van Halen, Weird Al and Jerry Seinfeld taking the stage together (after too much coffee)… that’s Mike Rayburn. Rayburn is a world class guitarist and comedian, having headlined Carnegie Hall multiple times as well as headlining his own show on the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood.

On guitar Rayburn features classical, rock, “tapping,” jazz, finger-style, country and other guitar styles with equal skill and alacrity.

His instrumental versions of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” are just a couple of his masterful adaptations.

"Your Show Is so Funny... And So Intelligent!

-Naomi Judd

The heart of “Classically Trained, Comically Derailed” is Rayburn’s fun, hilarious parodies; human mashups and original comedy songs. His Taylor Swift parody of “You Belong With Me,” called “A Nerd Like Me” has gone viral on YouTube. His crazy mashup, “Top 8 of the 80’s” is an unparalleled creation, where Rayburn performs the top eight songs of the 1980’s all to the tune of “Every Breath You Take.” Combine that with country versions of artists God never intended to be country – Beyonce’, Flo Rida, and Queen to name a few – and you have one of the most entertaining, clean, musically amazing shows you’ll experience anywhere!

Art In

The Message...

Content as art

Rayburn passionately considers his keynote content, message, and personal development strategies as integral to his art.

“Ultimately, our lives and even our businesses are our greatest opportunity for expression… in who we are, who we serve, and how we live. When we learn a new growth strategy or personal development tool, it’s like learning a new scale on the guitar, or having a new color with which to paint. I want to help people uncage their fullest self-expression in every way possible… from laughter to profit.”


  • Speaker Hall of Fame
  • Certified Speaking Professional
  • 2x TEDx Talk Presenter
  • Featured Artist on SiriusXM
  • Endorsed by McPherson Guitars and Elixir Strings
  • Voted “America’s Campus Entertainer of the Year” 3x’s in 4 Years
  • Winner of the Harry Chapin Award for Contributions to Humanity
  • Theaters and Performing Arts Centers
  • After dinner programs
  • Fundraisers
  • Emcee and meeting facilitation
  • Carnegie Hall – New York, NY
  • The Imperial Theater – St. John, NB
  • The Rosemont Theater – Chicago, IL
  • The Peace Center – Greenville, SC
  • The Fox Theater – Atlanta, GA
  • The Celebrity Theater – Phoenix, AZ
  • The Keswick Theater – Philadelphia, PA
  • The Wheeler Opera House – Aspen, CO
  • The Whitaker Center- Harrisburg, PA
  • The Taft Theater – Cincinatti, OH
  • The Palace Theater – Columbus, OH
  • The Brady Theater – Tulsa, OK
  • The Tennessee Theater – Knoxville, TN
  • The Charleston Performing Arts Center – Charleston, SC
  • The Rialto Theater – Joliet, IL
  • Three Little Bakers Dinner Theater – Newark, DE
  • The Owosso Amphitheater – MI
  • The Orpheum Theater – Memphis, TN
  • The V Theater – Las Vegas, NV

Mike Rayburn has been playing guitar since he was ten, when for Christmas, instead of the CB radio he wanted, his father gave him an acoustic guitar… and changed his life forever!

As a guitar student at James Madison University Rayburn earned a Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar and Music Business, and another in Classical Guitar Performance. Rayburn has a 13+ year endorsement with McPherson Guitars, a boutique brand widely considered one the greatest (and most expensive) acoustic guitars made.

In 2010 Rayburn traveled to San Cugat, Spain to study with Robert Fripp, who is on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the top 100 guitarists of all time. His studies since then have opened up to include the 18-string Harp Guitar and new “tap” styles of performance.

On stage Rayburn plays either his McPherson Sable, a carbon fiber acoustic, or his McPherson Camrielle, custom made and engraved to honor his best friend, Toby, mentioned here “The Man”.


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