It Is Your Job NOT To Get Discouraged

It Is Your Job NOT To Get Discouraged. OK, there’s been craziness in this world for the past three months or more. It’s really rattled a lot of people. Forgive me for being blunt, but I say this as much to myself as I do to my friends, (and ESPECIALLY to my professional speaker friends): IT IS YOUR JOB NOT TO GET DISCOURAGED.

It’s Time

You have a skill to learn. You have a relationship to mend. You have a business to fix. You have a career to revamp. You have that idea you’ve always wanted to take action on. You have a task you’ve been putting off. You have that one stupid thing holding you back. You have the chance to move from reaction to proaction. You have a confession to make. You have someone to forgive. You have something to start. 

From Loss to Launching Pad

Many of you were like me, saying to 2019, “good riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! 2020 is my year! And it was… until about Friday the 13th of March when 2020 went into a fatal tailspin, shot down by a bogie called Coronavirus. COVID-19. Lockdown. Shutdown. Rationing. Stay-at-home orders. People being arrested for simply leaving their homes… in America! And worst of all… no freakin’ toilet paper!

How To Thrive In The Post-Pandemic Economic Revolution… Through Your Brilliance.

There is a reason they chose Jackie Robinson to break the racial barrier in Major League Baseball. It wasn’t because he was strong enough to fight, though he certainly was. No, they chose Jackie precisely because he was strong enough not to fight, and if you saw the movie, “42” you heard that point made by Harrison Ford’s character. My question is, in a country so steeped in racism at the time, what did Jackie do instead of fighting?

Don’t Squander This Opportunity… Do Something!

When learning stops, growth stops, scarcity abounds, and life fades. When learning grows intentionally, life expands, relationships flourish, and income, abundance and joy multiply. One of the smartest things the most successful people do is improve themselves. They invest their time and resources in CAMI: Constant And Measurable Improvement. If you want the best in life, pursue growth, wisdom, knowledge, and self improvement. Read.

Your Post Pandemic Checklist: What You Must Do Now.

This pandemic will end. The economy will return, though not in rushing wave of activity, but in a slow and cautious roll out. And nothing will be the same. Those businesses and individuals who are most successful will be those who will accurately predict what lies ahead, and take the actions NOW to position themselves for the new economy. Sadly, most people and businesses will not be in that category. Most will wait to see… and be left behind.

This is YOUR Moment… WHO WILL YOU BE?

You are experiencing a historic event. One third of the world – close to 3 billion people – are on lockdown, and I don’t need to list the frightening and lethal statistics… they’re beyond sobering. We have talked about what the coronavirus crisis has revealed to you about your foundation and shoring it up. Now let’s talk about something way more salient. Long ago I wrote a song with the lyric, “It’s only when you lose it all that you know what you’ve really got.”

Practice Social Distancing But… Do NOT Hunker Down!

Social distancing? ABSOLUTELY. It’s actually working. But whatever you do, do NOT hunker down. Here’s what I mean… What They Know Us For… Many of you, like me, have travelled so you’ll know this. Once you get past the surface stuff, what do you think most other countries and cultures say about the United States? What do they collectively know us for, even our detractors?

The Corona Virus: What If There’s Something Good About It?

This is now disrupting the world. First of all and most importantly, this virus like any contagious illness is serious! Take every precaution you’ve heard about, especially washing hands. Do not kid around with this. That said, most people will not get the virus. 80% of those who get it won’t even know they have it. So, for the massive percentage of us who will be physically unharmed by Corona Virus we have two choices…