This is now disrupting the world.

First of all and most importantly, this virus like any contagious illness is serious! Take every precaution you’ve heard about, especially washing hands. Do not kid around with this.

That said, most people will not get the virus. 80% of those who get it won’t even know they have it.

So, for the massive percentage of us who will be physically unharmed by Corona Virus we have two choices…

We can let the fear and anxiety hold us down, suspend our lives and stymie our progress.

Or, we can ask ourselves what I ask every keynote audience member concerning whatever is holding them back:

What if there’s something good about this, what would it be?

Again, I’m not making light of this. I’m making life of this, which is the best we can do.

As of this writing I have had six clients in the upcoming 30 days cancel or reschedule their conferences. One would assume that’s bad, right?

Well, it’s true I would rather be doing those presentations now than later this year.

And since I cannot, what if there’s something good about this, what would it be? Here are some of my answers…

  1. Time! There are so many projects, so much writing and rehearsal I desperately need to do… and I now have time!
  2. Online options! I have a wonderfully effective and growing zoom/webinar and online learning business which is and excellent way to give clients the value of my message, in the safety of their homes.
  3. Hologram! I am a pioneer in the use of hologram for keynote delivery. This is an opportunity to take that to a higher level.
  4. Unity. In our country and world. It’s kinda hard to be divided, to argue, to hate or to put others down when facing a common enemy to whom we must present the most formidable, unified front in order to prevail.
  5. Creativity. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? I predict on an international level we are about to see great breakthroughs in the treatment, containment and eradication of contagious disease. And for individuals and companies faced with economic challenges and lack of business, we’re about to see massive growth in new products, processes, services and solutions.
  6. Travel. Airfares, cruises, hotels and nearly everything connected with travel are drastically cheaper than ever. I travel constantly and will save a lot of money booking now, while supporting businesses that need it.
  7. Investments. The stock market plummet is well known. Most financial advisors I know – and I know a lot, as they’re my top sector of clients – say this is a huge buying opportunity.

So… I will begin proactively sharing my online solutions like hologram, the What IF Challenge, developing new ones, and reaching people in a whole new way.

What will you do?

How can the challenges surrounding the Corona Virus shine a light on your own solutions, resources, and abilities you didn’t know you had?

Right now take out your What If Journal (that’s from my What IF Challenge online course).

Write these questions at the top of a new page and answer them:

  1. What if there’s something good about this, what would it be? (Give 10 answers).
  2. What kind of new solution, process, product or service does the current virus situation present to you? (Give five answers)
  3. What would you do if you had no fear in this situation? (Give three answers)
  4. How could this situation create more unity? Give three answers).
  5. What one idea will you take action immediately, like, today to act on the good in this situation?

Now do it.

Stay tuned for the hologram keynote, zoom and online options I will be offering in the next day.

Live truly, truly live,


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