A One-Minute Exercise That Will Supercharge Your Mindset

OK, I want you to think about your passion, your “thing…” your career, purpose or ministry… the thing you love. Got it? Now… think BIG about it. Bigger than you have before. Create a new vision for it right now. Got it? OK, now… think even BIGGER than that. Go beyond that vision… what’s even bigger? What all could it be? Got it? OK, now… think even crazy bigger than that! Get grandiose, bold, beyond what you can imagine is possible! Got it?

Not Everyone Lives Happily Ever After. (Will You?)

Movies and stories have a very specific and intentional format. We have the hero who’s living his or her life. The hero is good but he/she has a weakness which holds him or her back. A disaster occurs! The disaster is caused by a villain, who must be defeated. Now the hero must go on a journey into the unknown to save the day. The journey is fraught with danger, challenge and at times the outcome is doubtful. At the darkest moment the hero meets a guide who teaches him or her how to overcome their weakness and defeat the villain. The hero ultimately battles the villain and wins by overcoming his or her weakness.

What IF You Don’t Know What You Really Want?

Meet my friend, Tommy Altman… Tommy had a very successful career in the military, special forces in Iraq. After retiring at a young age he felt a calling toward ministry. Tommy ended up moving to Las Vegas and became assistant pastor at Verve, helping the lost in Sin City. But something was missing.

“What IF?” vs Nebraska Floods… a GREAT story!

Evan gathered his team together and in the face of flood waters and every adversity said, “The community needs what we sell to recover from this flood. I know this is crazy, but what if we could open today, by 8AM, how would we do it?

Just Do It… How Darla doubled her goal!

Doer? Or Watcher? Which One Are You? Check out the unsolicited testimonial that appeared this week on my Facebook Page (especially if you’ve ever considered my services as a keynote presenter or coach): “Shortly after attending Mike’s “What IF?” presentation I got inspired and put together a rather aggressive business strategy and a monthly goal that […]

How To Make a Magical Morning Practice

magical morning practice

This one simple exercise can create clarity, direction, and a positive mindset. A Magical Morning Practice and is shown to powerfully affect performance and results. Top achievers have learned, when you dedicate some time every morning to orient your mind, body and spirit for success, you get more done, you do it better, and you […]

Fail Your Way to Mega-Success

Become a failure in your field, and supercharge your results. When I learned whitewater kayaking, my teacher and mentor Bill Clarke said, “If you’re not flipping, you’re not learning.” Flipping is failing. Every day on the river if I wasn’t flipping I pushed harder, tried more, so I could get to failing. And I did […]

Let’s play 20 Questions.

The game of 20 Questions is pretty simple: you ask 20 questions, and get 20 answers. I like to play this game a little differently. Ask yourself the same question 20 times, and give 20 different answers to the same question. I call this ‘The Creative Mindstorm.’ https://vip.mikerayburndev.wpengine.com/tools/mindstorm This is going to sound so simple […]

Are You Half-Hearted?

My 15-yr old son, Zach, decided he wants to play hockey (inspired by the Vegas Golden Knights’ success). He passionately wants to play. He (and I) started playing street hockey twice a week. Zach got a stick, a small goal and he practices in our cul-de-sac every afternoon… until after 10PM. He’s going to the gym to […]