Social distancing? ABSOLUTELY. It’s actually working.

But whatever you do, do NOT hunker down. Here’s what I mean…

What They Know Us For…

Many of you, like me, have travelled so you’ll know this.

Once you get past the surface stuff, what do you think most other countries and cultures say about the United States? What do they collectively know us for, even our detractors?

It’s our innovation! Possibility thinking. Our unbridled creativity. 

We lead the world in resourcefulness and imagination.

It’s not that other people can’t be that – I know because I teach countless groups and individuals who don’t think they’re creative, to access their creativity and innovation.

It’s that for over 200 years we as a society have valued, honored and encouraged different thinking. Our system rewards innovation.

Creativity, innovation, and action are in our DNA.

So, when we look at the current world health crisis, and the ensuing economic crisis I say with some authority…

We need your imagination, now!

We need YOUR creativity now. We need your off-the-wall solutions, your “crazy idea that just may work,” and I do not mean just to combat the virus.

We need it for YOU.

Do NOT hunker down with Netflix or Fortnite.

After taking care of your families, helping your neighbors, and taking all precautions to ride this out, now is the time to…


First of all, just jump in!

Start by observing. Look at your life, your people, your environment. Look at your competitors. Ask hard questions of yourself and others.

Look at everything you do through a new lens of experience, and in light of a new economy and answer the following questions in writing…

This is also where, if I can, be your guide.

If you as an organization or one of my clients would like to consult with me, free, via zoom or phone, to brainstorm your current situation and look for solutions you haven’t considered, email me by replying to this email.

I also have both individual and organizational tools for innovation, creativity and re-imagining/re-inventing available at such as…

I also have a big new resource available starting in June: Gold Mine Zooms! Subscribers will receive a monthly adrenalin shot of tools, resources and stimulus for innovation, possibility thinking, and creativity.

So… whatever you do now, do NOT hunker down.

As hard as it may be, turn off “The Office,” for an hour and answer the questions above. Use this amazing opportunity to create solutions for you, your business and this desperate world.

Live truly, truly live,


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