This pandemic will end. The economy will return, though not in rushing wave of activity, but in a slow and cautious roll out.

And nothing will be the same.

Those businesses and individuals who are most successful will be those who will accurately predict what lies ahead, and take the actions NOW to position themselves for the new economy.

Sadly, most people and businesses will not be in that category. Most will wait to see… and be left behind.

Here is a checklist of what you most need to do to prepare!

  1. Develop A Possibility “What IF?” Mindset. Approach every change, every challenge every, every setback, and every improvement with a mindset of possibility. Get curious. Ask questions.
  2. Think Big. Think Abundance. As you define “big” and “abundance.” Your success, impact, influence and income will be limited only by… you.
  3. Predict. Look at hard trends (future facts) and soft trends (future options) to determine where the opportunities lie.
  4. Reinvent. Be ready and open to changing how and where you act on your gifts, talents and passions. Your career or business will likely change. Look at reinvention as an opportunity.
  5. Design Your Future. So much is up for grabs right now. Define what you want, set your goals, and launch.
  6. Believe the world is conspiring to help you. It is easy to get down, to feel despair, to miss the way things were. Well, you won’t feel that way if you choose to believe that every change, every upheaval, every new way of doing things is secretly designed to help you. And that belief – as well as it’s opposite – is a choice and totally up to you.
  7. Identify Your Essence. What you do specifically is not your essence. The general principle of it is your essence. Once you know the essence of what you do, it is not difficult to find different and new ways to do it. Taxis thought their essence is the taxicab business. Wrong. Their essence is temporary personal transportation. Uber and Lyft found a way to accomplish the same thing. A man in his 70’s wanted to be a doctor, but the education required would take too long. But the essence of that is, he wanted to help people; for people to come to him, he would treat them, and they leave feeling better. So he became an information specialist for a major tourist attraction. His purpose is fulfilled.
  8. Know where you stand now. There is a pattern that every entity – every business, relationship, product, career, or creation – follows: Idea-creation-success-abundance-retraction. Knowing where you are on that curve is vital to your survival and actions in the new economy.
  9. Creativity/problem solving. Interesting that these go together. The mindset that innovates is the mindset that solves problems, precisely because every innovation is a solution to a problem. Develop your creativity.
  10. Take action NOW. This is not the time to wait and see what happens. It’s like that old phrase, “You can’t steer a parked car.” You have to move first. This should be a time – especially if you’re out of work, quarantined and have time on your hands – to get busy! Learn! Plan! Create! Try things. Reinvent. The list of major companies and creations which began during recessions and quarantines is astounding: Walmart, IBM, invention of calculous, a number of Shakespeare’s works.
  11. A Servant’s Heart. The new world and economy can be better than the old one. However you want to say it that will come down to each of us having a servant’s heart. When you step to serve before succeed, you will achieve a far greater success in the long run than any you’d have achieved otherwise.

If you follow and act on the list above you will likely meet with a success you need could have imagined.

To that end… I have created a three day zoom workshop/virtual experience called “What NOW??? How To Reinvent Based On Post-Pandemic Possibilities,” April 21-23.

This page will explain everything…

Here is what we will do…

BONUS … Rayburn will offer a follow up group zoom session one week later to see where you are, answer questions, and be sure you’re on track.

Your investment…
Masters Level: includes pre-work, full three-day workshop (3 hrs/day) and follow up group zoom is $197.

Virtuoso Level: includes all Masters Level features plus a lifetime membership in “The What IF Challenge” online learning, a private one-hour zoom call with Mike, and unlimited email access for ongoing questions. $497.

If you have been hit so hard by this pandemic that you are barely making it, struggling, living hand-to-mouth, and truly in dire straights, and you will commit to the full three days, email me privately:, give me a brief overview of your situation, and I will try to find a scholarship for you to attend. You are on your honor here.

Live truly, truly live,


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