It Is Your Job NOT To Get Discouraged

OK, there’s been craziness in this world for the past three months or more.

It’s really rattled a lot of people.

Forgive me for being blunt, but I say this as much to myself as I do to my friends, (and ESPECIALLY to my professional speaker friends):


That’s right, it’s your JOB.

And you DO have a choice.

One point that permeates works of antiquity, the Bible, religious texts of all kinds, philosophy and personal development books is the idea that WE ARE NOT VICTIMS OF OUR THOUGHTS.

We have a choice, when a negative thought appears, to either let it keep right on going, or invite it in and let it stay for a while. 

We know that discouragement comes from mindset, negative thoughts, negative spins or interpretations of events (NOT the event itself).

So… we have a choice. Every day.

And I’m saying not only is it a better life choice to not be discouraged, it is your job, my job.

As humans.

As people who want the best for ourselves and others, we must choose to uplift, and be uplifted.

We must be intentional about NOT harboring negative thoughts. 

How? More than anything, don’t take the bait.

Negative thoughts, angry interpretations of events, self-incriminations and all gossip, are like fishing lures dangled in front of you trying to hook you into a downward spiral.

Just don’t take the bait.

Let those suckers pass right on by.

Look at negative thoughts like bullets in “The Matrix,” and be Neo, who dodged those bullets going by like they were slow motion.

Also, when something discourages you or makes you angry try this: Don’t get angry, don’t get discouraged, and don’t get depressed…

Get curious. 

Ask yourself observationally, “What’s going on here? I wonder where that came from? What’s behind it?”

What happens is you’ll uncover a simple challenge to fix, or a lie. Don’t believe the lie, fix the challenge.

(Remember the problem is rarely the problem, it’s usually something else).

Don’t harbor the resentment, don’t believe the lie, don’t “give in to the Dark Side.”

It’s our job to not be discouraged and that is always a choice.

Take control and exercise your right to choose love over fear.

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Live truly, truly live,

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