The Customer Is NOT Always Right. A Radical Way To Create Raving Fans

The Customer is NOT Always Right. A Radical Way To Create Raving Fans I was so disgusted… On the plane a man behind me was just berating a United Airlines agent on the phone. We were delayed, which is never fun. But he yelled and treated her like dirt. Then he said, “What’s your last name? Yeah, I’ll […]

Fail Faster, Fail Often

Fail Faster, Fail Often Do you want to succeed faster? Then you need to fail faster. By now you certainly know that failure is an integral part of success. You also know that if it’s a great goal, keep on failing until you succeed. But don’t you still hate failure? Avoid it? Sometimes fear it? […]

The Foundation of All Innovation and Problems-Solving

The Foundation of All Innovation, Problem-Solving and Growth… Is Simple My “What If…?” Keynote Explained As a ponderer and thinker of thoughts, I recently stumbled upon what I consider to be the foundation for all innovation, problem-solving, and growth. 1. Imagination.  2. Direction.  3. Action. You imagine the possibilities. From those you choose a direction […]

You Cannot Truly See Yourself. Two GREAT Ways To Get The RIGHT Input

Surround Yourself With Praise, Accountability, and Praise… It’s Called Grace.  My wonderful agent and manager, Christa Haberstock recently wrote an illuminating LinkedIn post about the importance of praise, yet the danger of too much praise and surrounding yourself with “yes people.” As someone who’s experienced both extreme praise and extreme, unloving criticism, I concur. For […]

What Are You About To Give Up On? First, Consider This…

As a younger teenager I spent three days visiting my great Aunt Janet at her rural North Georgia home on Lake Notelly. I was excited because they said you could find Cherokee spear and arrowheads. I have Native American blood on both sides and I really wanted to find one!

The Horrendous and Costly Chasm Between What We Know and What We Do

What strikes me as amazing is that most people of any basic level of intelligence and education already know the basics of success. You can name them…Education (however you get it), Work ethic, Healthy diet, weight and exercise, Sleep, Living within your means, Low debt/no debt, Save your money, Take responsibility.

A Powerful, Rarely Practiced Use of Visualization

My wife is amazed that almost every time we go somewhere, on the busiest day, I get a great parking space. The kids even ask, “Dad, how do you do that?” It’s simple: I see it before I get there. And now I believe it will be there waiting for me because it’s happened so often. And nine times out of ten, it is. I imagine most of us have heard of visualization, where you picture the thing you want, exactly as you want it, and it comes to you, or has a greater likelihood of coming to you.

To Be Extraordinary, Be With People Who Are Extraordinary

This week’s tip comes from the four days I just spent in Costa Rica as a member of the Transformational Leadership Council. Members include Jack Canfield (creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and author of “The Secret”); Dr. John Gray (author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”); and many others you may have heard of. Everyone is either a NY Times Best-Selling author, a world-class speaker or coach… some kind of thought leader in personal transformation. (I guess I’m kinda “guitar boy”).