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A Powerful, Rarely Practiced Use of Visualization

My wife is amazed that almost every time we go somewhere, on the busiest day, I get a great parking space. The kids even ask, “Dad, how do you do that?” It’s simple: I see it before I get there. And now I believe it will be there waiting for me because it’s happened so often. And nine times out of ten, it is.

I imagine most of us have heard of visualization, where you picture the thing you want, exactly as you want it, and it comes to you, or has a greater likelihood of coming to you. Without getting into the mechanics of it (programming the subconscious mind), or the spiritual side (it’s referenced in many faiths including Christianity – Mark 11:24), whether you believe it works or you don’t, I don’t care. It does.

If you want a simple way to make your day go better, here is a rare but powerful way to use visualization.

Visualization is usually referenced in preparing for a major event or big goal in your life. As such, I used it to prepare for my performances at Carnegie Hall, important showcases and athletic events. However, it also works for everyday activities.

I’m talking about taking 15-60 seconds to visualize your desired outcome right in the moment.

For example, what if just before a meeting you took a minute to let the perfect outcome fill your mind, you see, hear and feel the meeting going perfectly?

What if before every sales call you see, hear and feel the person saying yes and signing the check?

What if before a job interview you see, hear and feel the person offering you the job at the exact salary you want?

What if before that talk with your child or spouse you see, hear and feel it going perfectly with a win-win resolution?

When I carry my guitar on airplanes, gate agents occasionally make me check it. I hate that. I’ve had a lifelong problem with authority… but I digress. One day just before boarding I paused for just a few seconds and pictured the agent smiling and and allowing me to board unfettered. I let that scenario fill my mind.

It worked! I walked on guitar in hand, no problem. Now I visualize it every time.

Is this foolproof, 100%? No. Nothing is. But first of all, it won’t hurt. You could say it’s just positive thinking. It’s worth a try. Second…

I have decidedly better results in every aspect of my life when I practice visualization for day-to-day activities.

Poster for Mike Headlining Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall
Poster for Mike Headlining Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall

Ask anyone who practices this and see what they tell you. It works.

My friend and mentor, Brian Tracy taught this to me and when I told him how successful this is, he said, “Mike, this is not just about parking spaces! This is about your life! Visualize every aspect of it.”

See, hear and feel the things  you want happening or coming to you, hold that picture, and launch. You’ll get amazing results.

Visualization is an integral part of how virtuosos become virtuosos.

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