The Foundation of All Innovation, Problem-Solving and Growth… Is Simple

My “What If…?” Keynote Explained

As a ponderer and thinker of thoughts, I recently stumbled upon what I consider to be the foundation for all innovation, problem-solving, and growth.

1. Imagination.  2. Direction.  3. Action.

You imagine the possibilities. From those you choose a direction or goal. And to make it happen you take action. Simple.

This can be long term and proactive, as in developing a product or campaign. Or it can be short-term and reactive, when you’re confronted with a crisis… you rapidly consider the options, choose one, and go! Imagination, direction, action. 

Now, most of you have experienced my “What If…?” Keynote. In it you learned three tools for realizing your unrealized potential:

1. Ask “What If?”  2. Write Music You Can’t Play.  3. Become A Virtuoso.

When I created this keynote I did little more than look back at my life and ask, “What works for me?”

Ah…Never underestimate my ability to miss the blatantly obvious. The two formulas are exactly the same! My keynote is just the hands-on, hopefully memorable way to implement this formula…

1. Imagination: Ask “What If…?” Open up the possibilities.

But those mean nothing if you don’t focus on one.

2. Direction: Write Music You Can’t Play. Choose your goal. Something cool, something exciting. Do NOT worry about how, just choose what. The how will come.

But a goal without action is a pipe dream.

3. Action: Become A Virtuoso. Do the work. Make the life commitment to become your absolute best. This means daily action, applied to your goal.

IMG_6698OK, so you heard it but are you applying this formula? I do not want my keynote to just be enjoyable in the moment; I want to see real, long-term change!

So try this: What’s your biggest problem right now? Write it down and ask yourself and/or your team, “What if there is something good about this, an opportunity in it, what would it be? Come up with at least 20 ideas. Don’t edit, just write.

Once a solution appears, there’s your goal. Write it down. Take action.

When you do, please email me directly – – to share what you’re doing and how it’s working for you. It will work.

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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