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The Horrendous and Costly Chasm Between What We Know and What We Do

What strikes me as amazing is that most people of any basic level of intelligence and education already know the basics of success. You can name them…

Drugs and excessive alcohol are dangerous. Right? Yet here’s what do so many people do…

When things go predictably bad, they can’t understand. Instead of changing their lives they think others should change.

The fact is, we all know what we need to do, we just don’t do it.

Think about it… as you’re reading this right now something is coming to mind that you know you need to do or change. So… here’s your permission… do it!

Many doctors have dissected and seen the (literally) black lungs of dead smokers. Yet, there are plenty of doctors who smoke. Huh?

I don’t claim perfection or blamelessness in this. I still do things I probably shouldn’t. That’s not my point. The point is, are you dedicated to changing and improving (or as I say, “on the path”)? Or are you remaining a victim? Are you dedicated to improvement, or are you rationalizing, justifying, and blaming?

We’re all at different stages. We all have ego issues that get in the way, stubborn addictions, and personal situations. I’m no different.

However, I refuse to accept lower than excellent standards. I will always remain “on the path” of improvement.

We’re all in transition, the question is, to what? A better version of you? Or a worse one?

Now, there are plenty of people who know they’re doing something that’s not good for them and have decided, for example, “Hey, I’m just going to smoke, I like it, and I accept the consequences.”

OK, if that’s you and you have the money to pay for 100% of your medical problems, fine. But most do not, and while you may accept the pain, suffering and early death, it’s the rest of us, through higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, higher healthcare costs, emotional distress and time lost, who have to pay for your choices.

Mike at Mt. Zion Church, Aldie, VA
Mike at Mt. Zion Church, Aldie, VA

So, if you’re going to just accept your ignorance, bad habits and lack of growth, do us all a favor – get rich and pay for it. Otherwise, do something to change it.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s time for a more mature society. We need to grow up, and that starts with me. And you. I’m on board if you are. What do you say?

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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