One simple daily practice to accelerate your goal achievement

If I could show you a proven method to make your biggest goals actually happen, would you be willing to spend 5 minutes every day on it? With this simple practice, in five minutes a day (every day) you will drastically accelerate your goal achievement. Are you ready for the secret? It’s so simple… […]

Don’t Follow Your Heart, Lead It

Years ago after my presentation for the National Speakers Association about how to get bookings, a very sweet woman, an aspiring speaker, shared that she was having problems getting bookings. I asked what she spoke about and she said (I can’t make this up): “The history of aprons.” Yep, the history of aprons. I asked, […]

A Perfect 2017 Part 3: Make A Plan For Your Goal

A goal without a plan is just a wish. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Many people have goals, few ever create real plans to achieve them. Follow the process below and you’ll be on your way to real transformation. Start by writing the goal at the top of the page…

Don’t Start With What’s Possible… Setting Bold Goals

Don’t Start With What’s Possible… I want you to Write music that you can’t play. Or in non-musical terms, set goals that don’t exist. Most of us, from individuals to multinational corporations, set goals that exist, the next step, small increases. Did you know that’s arbitrary? It doesn’t have to be that way. Exponential change […]