What If...

The What If?


RENO/TAHOE, NV FEB. 8-10, 2024

“Mike’s genius helps and inspires others to unlock their genius.”

-Dr. John Gray, author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”

Disrupt Your routine break the rules "What If" Your Life

"What If"

It's time to...

  • Uncage your truest self-expression
  • Break your barriers
  • Stop living by default, start living by design.

And make 2024 your best year.

This is a completely unique invitation for you to join Mike Rayburn and his wife, Kimberly, on an adventure in wonder, empowerment and self-discovery created for people with the guts to dream, the willingness to get a little uncomfortable, and the courage to transform.




So many people...

  • Are successful but know that there is so much more.

  • Feel locked in a life pattern with no room for their real life desires.

  • Are living someone else’s prescription for their life.

  • Get stuck on performance plateaus they can’t get beyond.

  • Are tired of their job.

  • Have toxic thoughts or limiting beliefs sabotaging their success and peace of mind.

  • Feel stifled in truly expressing and being themselves.

  • Know they were created for more than… this.

  • Do not have empowering goals and plans for their lives.

And that's why most people end up like... most people.

If you're happy being like most people stop reading now.

On the other hand,
there is a way out,
up and beyond.

If you are that rare person who realizes to climb higher you must dig deeper; if you’re willing to be disrupted; and if you’re ready to dive in, play full out, and reap the rewards… Then

The what if? weekend is for you...

What if? weekend

What are your "What If's?"


And most of all…

A life-changing experience in one of the most beautiful places in America.

Stop living by default, start living by design!

You will leave with clarity and confidence about who you are; boldness in how to express it; the goals you most want; and an empowering life plan to get there!

A few of our

"What If"

Success Stories...

Success Stories

Jessi Fisher

Went from ensemble performer in a Las Vegas show to one of the most sought after stunt artists in the world in blockbuster films and TV shows.

Cherie Roe

Went from out of work piano teacher and mother of an 18-month old, to Juilliard graduate, world touring pianist, and now professor at Juilliard.

Gerald Leonard

Went from corporate trainer to best selling author and keynote presenter. “It’s gonna really change your life, give you insights, and teach you how to be a virtuoso!”

Tom Noonan

(At 81 yrs old) took his small, Indiana fan company from contracts with local groceries, to major contracts with Chrysler, grocery stores and school systems nationwide.

Marilyn Sherman

(Hall of Fame Speaker) identified her best career move would be to lose 60 lbs. She’s did just that and has transformed her career. “My biggest takeaway was to dream even bigger than I thought possible… and I walked away with the actual plan to do it.”

Michele Magner

Went from nursing home employee to sought-after state and national authority on aging.

Preston Van Amburg

Went from factory worker to prodigy woodworker owning his own wood-working company.

Maureen Zappala

A former NASA engineer, has become the go-to authority on Imposter Syndrome. “Mike got me to think bigger than I ever did before. It’s scary, but it’s exciting!”

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough money
  • Busy-ness and overwhelm
  • Stuck-ness
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Toxic thoughts
  • Perennial problems
  • Need for meaning in your life

                                      … bring them all!

We want you to bring your perceived and real limitations, all those pesky reasons why you “can’t.” We will disrupt and eliminate them all and experience the strengthen the other side.

The What IF Weekend is for adventure-seeking, growth-minded, cool folks (no jerks allowed) ready to uncage their truest self-expression, stop living by default, and start living by design.

We call it the un-Retreat because unlike so many events, it’s not about hotel ballrooms, whiteboards, and stale muffins.

We go off hotel grounds, create immersive experiences through nature and art, and open ourselves up with the purpose of discovering, creating, and becoming what you were meant to be. Then we assimilate your discoveries into your new life plan.

 “The glory of God is man fully alive.”

                                                                       -St. Ireneous

We want you to live fully alive!

We believe that is God’s desire for your life.

And it is our deep passion and purpose to be your guide on this journey.

“The What IF Weekend is for absolutely anyone of any faith, any belief or unbelief. That said, Kimberly and Mike are joyful, deep-rooted Christ-Followers! We believe and experience that Jesus is integral to all lasting success so we will include faith, prayer, and biblical references throughout this experience.

Let’s talk!!!

To discuss your “what if’s,” to enroll, or just to learn more please accept our gift of a complimentary “What IF Jumpstart” call with Mike or Kimberly.

Complimentary “What IF Jumpstart” call with Mike or Kimberly – CLICK HERE .

You will receive valuable next steps and together discern if the What If? Weekend is right for you.


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