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Do Not Make Any 2016 Resolutions Until You Read This. I Have A Much Better Way

OK, New Year’s resolutions don’t work and here’s why: They focus completely on a dreaded process, not a desired goal. “I’m going to diet, exercise, quit smoking, go to church, get marriage counseling, work harder,” that sort of thing.

Well, most people don’t want to diet, exercise, quit smoking, go to church, go to counseling, or work harder. What they want is to be healthy, look good, experience peace, have a better relationship, or make a better living.

Resolutions are doomed from the start because they focus on a negative process, not the positive outcome. IMG_7859

If you tell a football player he has to run multiple wind sprints every day he’ll dread it. If you tell a football player “We’re going to win the Super Bowl this year,” he’ll say, “Great, what do we have to do to win?” You’ll say, “Wind sprints” and he’ll line up to do them.

So, PLEASE don’t write down resolutions we all know you’ll quit before February. Instead, write down your 2016 outcomes.

What if 2016 turned out perfectly what does your life look like on Dec 31, 2016? What’s your income, net worth, your health, your personal state? Are you part of a charity or ministry? What vacation did you take?

Given that so many people have some kind of weight-loss/dieting goal here are a couple of suggestions: Take a picture of yourself and photo-shop it to look like what you want to look like, then post it everywhere. Or simply write down the number of your ideal, healthy weight. Again… outcomes, not processes.

I’m not saying you won’t have to work and be self-disciplined. I’m saying that studies prove human beings are much more successful when their focus is a great result, not a dreaded process.

So, take some time this week to sit quietly and design 2016. On December 31, 2016 what is your health, your income/net worth? How is your marriage? Do you have a new relationship? Do you have a new job or promotion? Are you part of a charity or ministry? Describe these things in detail.

Let your desired outcomes drive your actions in 2016 and you’ll be drastically more successful… without making a single resolution!

Please forward this to your friends and anyone who comes to mind while reading it. You never know who might really resonate with this message.

Here’s to your amazing 2016!


PS Yes, this is a re-write of my blog from a year ago. It was worth sharing again.

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