What IF People In Your Organization Don’t Want To Change? Answer: Humanize

So… everything has changed. You know, as thankful as I am for the chance to deliver my message with guitar and comedy, I must confess, that’s not the main reason my clients bring me in. The unanimous reason you, my clients procure my services, and what drives every client conversation is… Change. They call me when they are dealing with, managing and navigating change.

Could It Be As Easy As Just Letting Go?

My son, Zach and I recently participated in a five-day challenge in the Colorado wilderness offered by “Christ In The Rockies,” called “Passage To Manhood.” We lived in tents, took on adventures, and learned the tenets of true manhood, ending with a rite of passage ceremony for the boys. (By the way, I recommend every father-son do this, 16 and older! https://www.christintherockies.org). Again, when I refer to Jesus, if you have a different faith don’t write it off, use it as metaphor.

What NOW???

“What now?” What do we do now? To paraphrase months of research, preparation, writing and rehearsal, there are certain mindsets integral to success which you, my readers already know. How do I know you know? Precisely because you’re reading this. Unsuccessful people are rarely readers, and certainly wouldn’t subscribe to my writings. Those basic mindsets include being on time, doing your best, walking your talk, having integrity, being a team player, and a strong work ethic.