The Power Of Consistency

Not a sexy title, I know.

Unless you consider the furious, unstoppable, juggernaut of power that is consistency.

Consistency is perhaps the most powerful force on earth.

Water and wind flowing consistently over rock has shaped the earth in radically greater ways than all the largest earth-moving equipment combined.

Tucking a little money away consistently every month has created more wealth than all lottery and Vegas winnings combined.

Eating the right foods and exercising consistently will change your health in drastically greater ways than the most powerful drugs.

I will say it boldly…

The key to ALL progress is consistency.

William Faulkner was once asked, “Do you write at a regular time every day, or only when you’re inspired?”

He famously responded, “Oh, I only write when I’m inspired, which luckily happens at precisely 9AM every morning.”

To that end, I am literally writing this “Weekly” in a writing workshop in which I participate every Thursday morning at 8AM.

Four of us meet on zoom and we keep consistency (much like my new “Gold Mine Zooms” which I explain below). We have a quick update, share what we’re going to write, then write privately for 80 minutes, rejoining at 9:30 to share what we wrote. We all love it! 

The key to ALL progress is consistency.

A recent success…
When the Corona lockdown was announced in March, 2020, I started doing free Facebook Live performances every weeknight at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern where I play a couple of songs and share a few thoughts as alternate entertainment while everyone is at home.

I have done it consistently, five nights per week for over four months.

For the first 10 weeks average listeners live was about 20-25, average views of each posted video was about 500.

Not bad.

Well, the consistency must have tripped some algorithm on Facebook because on June 26 my live listeners rocketed to over 120! Views of that post are over 10,200. Every daily post since then is averaging 8,000 views.

My 28-day post reach used to be 1K-5K; this morning it was over 1.3 Million.

The key to ALL progress is consistency.

See for yourself. Join me tonight (every weeknight) at 4PM/7PM.

Gold Mine Zooms…
Consistency is so powerful I have created a new Virtuoso Success System called “Gold Mine Zooms” explained in the “PS” which will allow me to help you personally to achieve your goal in one year. See below or click the button below.


Consistency works for a number of reasons…

1. We make progress. Instead of starting over at zero each time, we gain ground, pick up where we left off the day before.

2. It creates momentum. When we launch something and keep at it, it takes on a life of it’s own… yesterday’s progress fuels today’s effort. Last months progress fuels next month’s. Suddenly years have gone by and life has transformed

3. It shows the world (and YOU) that you’re serious. Doing something one time, even if you do it well, is a fluke. But when you keep showing up to the page, the gym, the relationship, the skill, the instrument, the improvement effort it’s like, “Wow, he/she means business!” People… and God or the universe note that.

What will you do now to create consistency and get serious about your goal and your life?

World class performance…
Consistency means repetition, repetition is the mother of skill, and skill applied to a bold goal creates world class performance.

Consistency is how we flesh out the pesky details that lead to world class performance.

Consistency is how we discover the insights, ferret out the options, uncover the opportunities that become world class performance.

The key to ALL progress is consistency.

The most powerful consistent action: Thinking
In both my “What IF?” and “What NOW?” keynotes I teach teams that your mindset does nothing less than define the quality of your life all your results.

Mindset is simply consistency of thought…

“We get what we think about most of the time.” -Earl Nightingale.

Again… consistency.

The key to ALL progress is consistency.

YOUR ACTION STEP (and make it official)…
So… how will you become more consistent? Think of one action to which you will commit for the next year; something you don’t do now but would be a great improvement.

Then email your action commitment to me so you’ll be on record.

Seriously! Here is my personal email:

Let’s do this!

Live truly, truly live,


PS: Introducing Gold Mine Zooms! When you enroll…

  1. You share with me the goal(s) you want to achieve within the next year.
  2. You share with me what’s in the way, what’s holding you back.
  3. You share with me anything else I need to know.
  4. You join me and a small group of like-minded individuals on a monthly zoom call.
  5. I and the rest of the group work with you on your goal, help you with whatever holds you back, and get a commitment from you about what you’re going to accomplish this month.
  6. I remain available to you via email for questions as you progress to make sure you’re on track.
  7. Next month we check in for what I call “kind accountability,” holding you to your commitment with encouragement and positive reinforcement.
  8. In one year or less, based on your actions, you achieve your goal!

The next call is coming up in August so click the button below to learn more.


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