What NOW???
Prediction. Direction. Action. What IF?

I like to ask audiences to complete this phrase:

“If it ain’t broke… ______________?

And they all say, “Don’t fix it.”


And then I point out the problem with that mindset:

Time. Breaks. Everything

If it’s working now, it like will not be soon and therefore we MUST intentionally reinvent, which is what I teach in my “What IF Keynote Experience.”

Well guess what? Time just broke everything. Every industry will be reformed, reinvented… or removed.

These days my clients are instead asking, “What NOW???” What do we do NOW???”

Well, I have the answer…

Introducing, “What NOW!” My brand new, virtually tested and proven keynote.

In “What NOW!” I will give your leaders and teams the mindset to look at the landscape that everyone else sees, but find the opportunities that they’re all is missing; the tools to create change instead of managing it; and the inspiration to take action… to step out boldly while others wait and worry.

Imagine your teams equipped for innovation and radical problem solving, determined and equipped to succeed anyway whatever the obstacle, and inspired to action!

The core content of my Hall of Fame “What IF?” keynote has never been more relevant and is therefore integral to “What NOW?” We’re just going to apply it directly to the issues YOU face today, answering “what now?” just for you.

Virtual Presentations! 

Check out my new, tested, and proven, industry-leading virtual studio. (Click photo above). I can seamlessly present for your group…

…all of which I have done multiple times with stellar results.


The antidote to fear and anxiety is action… intentional, strategic action, born of a new mindset, an inspired direction, and bold execution.

Please take two easy actions right now…

  1. Watch this short (2:39) video.
  2. Call me at 1(403) 398-8488 or email mike@mikerayburn.com and… let’s get busy!

Live truly, truly live,


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