What NOW???

Roo, rah, ree!
Kick ‘em in the knee
Roo, rah, rass,
Kick ‘em in the… other knee

Hold it… You do not need a cheerleader.

You do not need a pollyanna positive thinker.

And you will never hear me say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


I am a pragmatist.

I look for what works, I use it, and I teach it.

What my clients are asking me these days is,

“What now?” What do we do now? 

To paraphrase months of research, preparation, writing and rehearsal, there are certain mindsets integral to success which you, my readers already know.

How do I know you know? Precisely because you’re reading this.

Unsuccessful people are rarely readers, and certainly wouldn’t subscribe to my writings.

Those basic mindsets include being on time, doing your best, walking your talk, having integrity, being a team player, and a strong work ethic.

I consider those basic mindsets the foundation for success, the price of admission. And they’re great.

However… our new world will require more. True abundance will require more. So…

What are the mindsets above and beyond the basics which you and I will absolutely need going forward to thrive in abundance; not just for yourself but for your teams and your entire organization?

There are seven.

I have identified them, studied them, practiced them, and they absolutely work.

And importantly, they are not necessarily natural. We must choose each and practice them intentionally.

Here’s the good part… 
When practiced fully, these seven mindsets result in reinvention, change creation, profit and significance. I will share them below and if they make sense for you, please contact me about how I can teach and inspire your teams to practice them.

Yay recognize a few of them from my past writings.

The Seven Mindsets…

  1. Get curious (ask What IF?).
  2. Do what others will not.
  3. Believe that the world is conspiring to help you.
  4. Become a Virtuoso.
  5. Play.
  6. Succeed anyway.
  7. Choose significance (servanthood) over success.

In my new both my new “What NOW?” keynote and breakout session, and in my “What NOW Virtual Workshop” (for corporate clients, and a public event coming in August) we not only learn about these in-depth, we get serious about how to practice and apply them in your life.

  1. Get curious: Don’t get angry, don’t get discouraged, get curious. Ask questions. Learn. Inquire. Dig deeper. This is how you uncover opportunity and solutions.
  2. Do what others will not: There are likely services, tasks, angles to approach, processes, avenues, and seemingly tedious or mundane activities, which neither you nor you colleagues or competition will do. Do them.
  3. Believe the world is conspiring to help you: Problems, difficulties and crises are happening all the time. Your success is determined by how you interpret and respond. You are allowed to see the world as “out to get you.” Or, you can see even the “bad” stuff as somehow helping you. Your choice. Choose the latter.
  4. Become a virtuoso. Choose to become your personal best. Most adults, even the successful, never make this decision. Instead they stop at “OK.” “Good enough.” “What’s required.”
  5. Play. The opposite of play isn’t work. The opposite of play is… depression. We are healthier, better at our jobs, have better marriages and relationships, and much better mental health when we make time to play. [I learned these points from my friend, fellow speaker, and soon-to-be TEDx- Presenter on “Play,” Kimberly Faith].
  6. Succeed anyway. Unfairness, racism, sexism, ageism, all of these… happen. When you blame, you hand your power to the very people who want to hold you down. Choose instead to succeed anyway.
  7. Significance over Success. Instead of succeeding in order to give, serve and do “significant” things, flip the script. Give and serve as you succeed… and your success will be greater.

What you have here is extraordinarily useful.

If you truly want to implement it in your life, reinvent, and move to your next level you need to be a part of my next “What NOW… Your Next Chapter” virtual workshop coming in August.

And for your organization, email me. We can transform your teams!

Live truly, truly live,


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