“What NOW Workshop for Speakers”
It’s time to get back in business.

The bottom dropped out of our industry… out of most industries.

Income dried up.

So many are reeling, wondering what to do next.

Some have even given up.

How about you? How much do you love what you do?

How badly do you want this career? And…

What now???

Well, I have a suggestion. Actually, a bunch of suggestions.

There are people booking keynotes at full fee right now. There are people thriving right now in all industries.

And there are businesses in great need of what speakers – like you – have to offer.

But the entire approach has changed!
What meeting planners, employers and potential clients are looking for has become more focused, more urgent, and they’re often quite clear about it.

Certain topics are way more marketable than others.

Is your topic relevant? Or more importantly, can it be?

Do you know virtual? Even bookings that intend to be live are requiring a virtual option.

Can you present virtually in a way that looks better than staring down at a computer on your desk?

And would you like to know how to do that affordably?

How can you create a need, even an urgency for what you offer?

I will be your guide.

I have learned more, been through more, and feel more excited about what’s coming than ever before! There is reason to be excited.

That why I created the “What NOW??? Virtual Workshop For Speakers” happening June 24-25 (this Wednesday and Thursday) from 8AM – 11:30AM Pacific (11AM Eastern to 2:30AM Eastern).

Enrollment is limited to optimize personalization, interaction and answering your questions so please check it out now.

What we will do…
We will look at exactly what you do, boil it down to it’s essence (mandatory for reinvention), look what’s happening in the industry and where things are going, choose your direction, set your goal, make your plan, and give you the achievement secrets and mindset it takes to make your career work post-pandemic. We will also take a hard look at what holds you back and eliminate those limiting beliefs.

Also, this is way different than anything you will get at NSA Influence because it is a small group, totally personalized, and you’ll have me as your ongoing resource long after the workshop is finished.

And for those who don’t know, I am in the international Speaker Hall of Fame and have presented or performed well over 5,000 times worldwide. I know what it takes and want to be your guide in creating your post-pandemic success.

If you have questions email me: mike@mikerayburn.com but enroll soon… You’ll want to get a jump on the pre-work, which some say is worth the investment in and of itself!

Live truly, truly live,


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