Doer? Or Watcher? Which One Are You?

Check out the unsolicited testimonial that appeared this week on my Facebook Page (especially if you’ve ever considered my services as a keynote presenter or coach):

“Shortly after attending Mike’s “What IF?” presentation I got inspired and put together a rather aggressive business strategy and a monthly goal that was quite large and I have never achieved it before. 

I shared that goal with a business associate and he said, “That’s a huge goal. You may be setting yourself up for failure with such an aggressive goal.” Without thinking for a moment I said what Mike says, “ya, but WHAT IF I hit it?” 

Shortly after the conversation I realized that this month, my first month setting that goal… I am not only hitting it, but I DOUBLED IT. #whatif”
– Darla Johnson Pellersels

That makes my year!!!

But did you catch it, the key to Darla’s success?

It’s in her first sentence.

She got inspired… (sooner or later we all get inspired),

And then… she JUST DID IT!

She got off her butt and took bold action. (It’s the only thing that’s ever worked).

Just Do It, The Song…  

So, check out the strange irony, I swear this is true.

In the mid-80’s I wrote a song called… “Just Do It,” a bluesy, motivational ditty.

What I needed to do is play it live, record it, and release it. Jump in!

But I didn’t.

I doubted myself and let the inspiration fade, ignoring my song in more ways than one.

A short while later in 1988 Nike launched their legendary “Just Do It” advertising campaign. I heard they’ve made some money on that, haven’t they?

Ah! I actually had something there!
(Just coincidence, Nike didn’t get it from me).

How many times have you had a product idea and thought, “You know, someone should make a ________,” and then a year later you see that very product on TV or in the store and selling, and you say, “I thought of that a year ago!” 

What’s difference between you and the person who’s making all that money?


What’s the difference between Darla and her naysayer colleague?


So… what are you ignoring, avoiding, or just scared of trying? 

My presentation is designed to break the pattern of complacency and give organizations the inspiration and tools to achieve way beyond what they image is possible, as Darla and thousands of others have proven. (Click here to watch my videos).

But success always comes down to you. 

So… what can you do right now

1. Don’t overthink this.

Whatever you’re considering, launch. Start now, before you’re ready. Not only can you change course along the way, you almost definitely will. Launch anyway.

2. Become a VIP – Virtuoso In Progress  – I have been sharing free – FREE – tools to help you take action and make your life amazing. Have you acted on them? It’s time.

3. (If you’re really serious) Take The What IF Challenge!

This is my 16-week video coaching series where I personally lead you through 16 life and career changing questions, you get an online account, lifetime membership, and me as your guide.

We’ve just made The What IF Challenge more affordable:  $47 for individuals, and available for organizations at a great discount – call or email us –, 1(403) 398-8488.

The bridge of my song said,

There’s doers, and then there’s watchers.
The doers do, and the watchers don’t.
And you could, if you just would.
But let me tell ya, if you can’t it’s just ‘cause you won’t. 

Doer? Or Watcher? Which one are you?

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