OK, I want you to think about your passion, your “thing…” your career, purpose or ministry… the thing you love.

Got it?

Now… think BIG about it. Bigger than you have before. Create a new vision for it right now.

Got it?

OK, now… think even BIGGER than that. Go beyond that vision… what’s even bigger? What all could it be?

Got it?

OK, now… think even crazy bigger than that! Get grandiose, bold, beyond what you can imagine is possible!

Got it?

Have you got this grand, new vision?

OK… now realize this: You’re thinking small.

Given your massive unrealized potential and all that God or the universe has in store, you’re thinking small compared to what’s possible. Isn’t that crazy?

The question is… how do you position yourself to accomplish goals that you can’t even imagine are possible, and ones we don’t even know exist?

The answer is simple to say, tricky to choose correctly:

Daily practices. 

And you will learn yours in the What If Weekend In Vegas!

First you will choose, know and rank your values.

Know your gifts, talents and passions.

Set your bold, seemingly impossible goal.

Create a plan.

Then… most importantly, deduce everything to your perfect daily practices.

If you work continuously on the right daily practices, aligned with your values, gifts, talents, passion, it almost doesn’t matter what your goals are because you’ll go flying past them.

Three days left…
This is your last chance to join me for The What IF Weekend In Vegas, Feb 7-8, 2020.

Design your future. Create your plan. Eliminate limiting beliefs and habits. Discover the right daily practices for YOU. Create the time you need. And more…

Plus, you’ll hear my What IF Keynote Experience.

I have three guest speakers joining me to share their areas of expertise:

It’s time to take action!

Go to WhatIfWeekend.com and join me in Las Vegas.

Live truly, truly live,


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  1. Mike Rayburn is brilliant. He truly is a virtuoso, having done 8 Concerts at Carnegie Hall. In addition, he is a great Speaker and a Member if the Speakers Hall of Fame. He really knows the right questions to ask that will get you on track. He asks, “What If” and “What Now.”
    I participated in a three day webinar that he did on-line and the information was extremely valuable. IT has caused me to put together a plan of Action that I am already seeing positive results from. You don’t really need his help, you DESERVE it! Do yourself a favor and check out what he has to offer, you’ll be glad you did.

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