What are three ways you irritate your customers?

I was asked this question by my friend and mentor, Dr. Nido Qubein, and it has begun to transform my business.

I have changed my fee structure, my client communications, and more is coming, all because I answered this question.

No one ever asked me so I’m now asking again…

What are three ways you irritate your customers?

No one wants to think they’re irritating their customers, but… if we are… don’t we need to know that?

This is an invitation to revisit your entire business process, your sales process, your customer relations.

And here’s another question to consider…

Who are your customers?

Obviously those who buy your product or service.

But isn’t your boss your customer? How might you be irritating your boss?

What about your colleagues?

And… what about your spouse? Your family?

What are three ways you irritate your spouse?

Ooh… you want to improve your relationship?

Ask your spouse, “What are three ways I irritate you or could improve for you?” Promise not to defend or even respond, listen to the answer and walk away… make it safe for him or her to answer.

Finally (and this is the fun part)…

What if you changed or eliminated those irritants?

Wouldn’t your business, your job, your family life improve drastically?

Once you identify those three irritants make a plan to immediately eliminate them… and watch your results soar!

It’s a simple question which can be transformational.

Please put this in action today, and forward it, post it, or cut and paste it on social media.

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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