“What IF?” vs Nebraska Floods… a GREAT story!

Evan gathered his team together and in the face of flood waters and every adversity said, “The community needs what we sell to recover from this flood. I know this is crazy, but what if we could open today, by 8AM, how would we do it?

Your Most Important Skill: Change Your Thinking Habit

Your questions and inner dialogue define the quality of your life and all of your results!” Success in anything – careers, relationships, parenting, health, etc – requires that we continually transform the way we think. 

What are three ways you irritate your customers?

No one wants to think they’re irritating their customers, but… if we are… don’t we need to know that?
This is an invitation to revisit your entire business process, your sales process, your customer relations.

What Are You About To Give Up On? First, Consider This…

As a younger teenager I spent three days visiting my great Aunt Janet at her rural North Georgia home on Lake Notelly. I was excited because they said you could find Cherokee spear and arrowheads. I have Native American blood on both sides and I really wanted to find one!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, But Live Like You’re Being Watched

Pretend you’re being watched.  There was once a study to find out if the color of an office effected the productivity of those in the office. The workers were told and agreed to participate. The room was painted blue and productivity actually increased. It was then painted red and productivity increased again. It was next […]