What are three ways you irritate your customers?

No one wants to think they’re irritating their customers, but… if we are… don’t we need to know that?
This is an invitation to revisit your entire business process, your sales process, your customer relations.

What Are You About To Give Up On? First, Consider This…

As a younger teenager I spent three days visiting my great Aunt Janet at her rural North Georgia home on Lake Notelly. I was excited because they said you could find Cherokee spear and arrowheads. I have Native American blood on both sides and I really wanted to find one!

A Powerful, Rarely Practiced Use of Visualization

My wife is amazed that almost every time we go somewhere, on the busiest day, I get a great parking space. The kids even ask, “Dad, how do you do that?” It’s simple: I see it before I get there. And now I believe it will be there waiting for me because it’s happened so often. And nine times out of ten, it is. I imagine most of us have heard of visualization, where you picture the thing you want, exactly as you want it, and it comes to you, or has a greater likelihood of coming to you.

Succeed Anyway

Shortly after I became a professional speaker in 2001, one of my first speaking opportunities was doing a keynote and breakout session for a special group of high school technology students in Georgia. The interesting thing is the racial balance of the group. The largest group was African-American students, followed by hispanic, then white, and […]

Financial Health… Take Your Medicine

Financial Health… Take Your Medicine I’ve noticed something about this country… we have a serious health problem. My wife, Tara Rayburn http://www.thehealthyhabitcoach.com/blog is far more the expert on physical health than me so you need to read her blog for those solutions. But I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about our financial health and there […]