It’s a sense of purpose. Something bigger than ourselves. 

Two insurance agents are walking down the street. A man sees them and asks, “Hey, what do you guys do for a living?”

The first agent says, “I sell insurance”

The other one looks a little sideways at that answer, turns back and says, “I take care of your family when you can’t.”

Which one would you want to work with?

Why we do what we do means everything to us as human beings, the meaning behind it, the reason we attach to it. 

And it is our reasons that most define our results.

So why do you do what you do? Is it for the money? For your family? For God? Because you love it? And if you have multiple reasons that’s even better!

Those who’ve attended my “Virtuoso You”  or “What If” live experience can tell you one of the secrets to faster goal achievement I teach is, whenever you set an important goal, write down why you want this goal.

Get specific. Who (all) will benefit? What positive change will happen? How will your life and others improve for this goal completion?

Seneca, Zachary, and my wife, Tara - One of the major reasons for everything I do!
Seneca, Zachary, and my wife, Tara – One of the major reasons for everything I do!

In your career start your day by taking a moment to remember the greater good that you serve, those who’s lives are made better by what you do. 

As an artsy guitar player and writer I never cared much about money. There is a good side to that in that money is horrible as a master, but it makes for poor money management.

Then a mentor of mine asked what I would do with a million dollars? Let’s see… I could help my family, support causes I believe in, hire people and create jobs, pay for my kid’s education… the list of good went on.

Now that I had a good reason I dug in! I learned personal finances, investing, we started tithing and working with a financial planner.

While I’m no Bill Gates, I have been able to do everything mentioned above, and the only thing that changed was my reason.

Again, why do you do the important things you do? Answer that with “something bigger than yourself” and your results will skyrocket, not to mention your utter joy.

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Live Truly, Truly Live,


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