Post Election: What You MUST Do Now That It’s Over – Succeed Anyway

Whew! One of the most divisive and historic elections in US history is over.

Some are happy, some are despondent.

Let me offer a word of caution to those who are happy, and a word of hope to those who are not:

Never let what happens in the Whitehouse define what happens in YOUR HOUSE. 

In other words, never put your future in anyone’s hands but God’s and yours.

Especially, neither blame nor depend on government to change your life.

I have written about this before but t bears repeating:

The moment you blame your problems, circumstance or even your mood on an election, a government, or anyone or anything other than yourself, you take all of your power and hand it to the very person or entity you don’t want to have it. 

Look, everything is cyclical. The left is in, then the right is in, and it will go on that way for the rest of your life.

Your strategy going forward…

What we need is a strategy for success that transcends any person or event. 

I rarely use the word “should” but I am this time… this should always be our policy:

Succeed anyway.

Whatever happens, succeed anyway.

Will government do things that make it harder? Probably.

Succeed anyway.

Will things go against you? Count on it.

Succeed anyway.

Will people lie and cheat and get away with it? Some will. Is that fair? No.

Succeed anyway.

Make the concrete, life-long, sacred resolution to succeed anyway. 

So, let’s get practical… how do you succeed anyway?

Always have a plan! Take some time to think ahead and then make a plan for any outcome.

There were plenty of people, businesses and organizations caught way off guard by the results of this election and are now scrambling.

However, there are others who’ve been planning and ready for months for whatever might happen.

They developed a series of plans for whichever candidate won and their likely policies.

Now that it has, whatever their feelings about it they’re putting one of those plans into action to protect and grow their businesses.

This is what I mean in my keynote when I talk about developing a “What If? Mindset.”

And by the way, you can still do this!

It’s not hard to make a few good predictions as to what’s likely to happen and a plan to succeed.

Sit down and ask yourself, “What if… certain laws are passed, certain campaign promises are kept? What is the likely outcome? And how will that effect you, your business, and your family?

Always remember…

What happens in the Whitehouse is never as important as what happens in YOUR HOUSE. 

And what happens in your house must start with making your irrevocable decision to succeed regardless of what happens.

Succeed anyway. 

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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