Post Election: What You MUST Do Now That It’s Over – Succeed Anyway

Never let what happens in the Whitehouse define what happens in YOUR HOUSE. The moment you blame your problems, circumstance or even your mood on an election, a government, or anyone or anything other than yourself, you take all of your power and hand it to the very person or entity you don’t want to have it.

Offended? I Hope You’re Offended. It’s YOUR Freedom

“Being offended” is how politicians, universities and others are trying to limit free speech. There is nothing in our bill of rights giving anyone the right not to be offended. In fact, freedom of speech requires the possibility of being offended. And that’s a good thing… almost every important improvement in the world was offensive at first. Love your enemies. All men are created equal. The Emancipation Proclamation. Women’s suffrage, property rights, equal pay…