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This One Action Quintupled My Income and Changed My Life: Start a MASTERMIND GROUP. 

We called ourselves “The Starving Motivators.” In 1999 Robin Crow, Jana Stanfield, Tim Bays and I would meet every month, or three weeks, even weekly for a time, to brainstorm and encourage each other in our careers.

If any of us were stuck, needed input on a major decision, wanted ideas, or just needed a boost, we’d bring it to the group. The other three would listen and together and we’d brainstorm solutions.

Soon, we came to truly depend on each other, even helping with very personal issues… I mean, it’s hard to talk about career if your marriage is in trouble, so we went where we had to.

I can directly trace the career, income and life significance I experience today to the ideas, support and accountability I received from my Mastermind Groups.  

Now, though we’ve all moved on to other places, we are still lifelong friends. My current MM group, M4, has been equally amazing!

Tim Gard, Dan Thurmon, Waldo Waldman, Mike Rayburn out for sushi
M4 – Tim Gard, Dan Thurmon, Waldo Waldman, Mike Rayburn out for sushi.

A Mastermind Group is a small group of similarly motivated professionals who meet regularly to help one another and hold each other accountable for growth. 

While there are many permutations of Mastermind Groups wonderfully described in my friend, Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” (which I highly recommend!) I will describe my groups and what I suggest.

As you read please start to imagine who you’d invite to join your group, and choose carefully. This works for anyone willing to proactively improve his or her life.

I recommend… 

The surprising fact… You will find that the best ideas you get probably won’t be answers to your questions; they’ll be the questions that others are asking. Those questions and responses will be things you never thought of.

Do it now! With the right people your Mastermind Group will be invaluable in your life.

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PS This is a day late because I am on a small island off of Dominican Republic between keynotes for a Fortune 100 Company. I’m making it a writing/creative retreat.

Bahia Principe Resort Island, Cayo Leventado, DR
Bahia Principe Resort Island, Cayo Leventado, DR, Mike’s home for four days between keynotes on a cruise. 

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