The Foundation of All Innovation and Problems-Solving

The Foundation of All Innovation, Problem-Solving and Growth… Is Simple My “What If…?” Keynote Explained As a ponderer and thinker of thoughts, I recently stumbled upon what I consider to be the foundation for all innovation, problem-solving, and growth. 1. Imagination.  2. Direction.  3. Action. You imagine the possibilities. From those you choose a direction […]

This One Action Quintupled My Income and Changed My Life: Start a MASTERMIND GROUP

(Yeah, it’s a selfie but I’m stuck on an island alone. Read below) This One Action Quintupled My Income and Changed My Life: Start a MASTERMIND GROUP.  We called ourselves “The Starving Motivators.” In 1999 Robin Crow, Jana Stanfield, Tim Bays and I would meet every month, or three weeks, even weekly for a time, […]

Don’t Be Like Most People… The Tyranny of Social Proof

Most people in America…  Spend more than they make and are in debt, watch 3+ hours of TV per day, don’t like their job, do the least they can, call in sick when they’re not (lying), are overweight and don’t exercise, think only two pay periods ahead, blame others for their problems, donate only a […]

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, But Live Like You’re Being Watched

Pretend you’re being watched.  There was once a study to find out if the color of an office effected the productivity of those in the office. The workers were told and agreed to participate. The room was painted blue and productivity actually increased. It was then painted red and productivity increased again. It was next […]

Overcoming Fear

On Overcoming With Fear… This was written in September, 2010, updated this week. My friend from Nashville days, Julie Rust, a fine singer/songwriter, asked me about how I deal with fear. Here’s my response… “Hey Julie, You recently asked me about fear and I took my time as I wanted to give you a real […]