We all have a trap and the moment I say it you’ll agree: Our minds. Our beliefs. “Stinking’ Thinkin’.” We are all limited by the way we think. This is my enemy, too, no one is immune.

Most people think they’re trapped by circumstances: “Not enough money or time, too old/young, not smart/talented/pretty enough, etc.” Not one of those is beyond your control. And here’s the cool thing… the solution is the same as the problem: Your mind.

Your mind can free itself by changing. Life Virtuosos are constantly improving the way they think. 

So how do we improve the way we think?

First of all everyone needs a coach – for business, relationships, finances, health, or life. As my coach, Raymond Aaron says, “When you’re in your fog, it’s foggy.” Duh, right? What he’s saying is we can’t see ourselves for ourselves. A trusted sounding board with no agenda except your success is invaluable.

So, if you don’t have a coach yet and you feel trapped in any way, here is an exercise to begin freeing yourself. This is a simplified version of my Virtuoso Process but it will work in and of itself if you do it conscientiously.

1. Name it specifically. Write down on paper specifically what is holding you back, your negative thinking/belief. Write it in detail.

2. Re-name it. What you call a trap or limitation let’s start to call “a concern.” If you think, “I’m not good enough,” let’s say instead, “I’m concerned about my qualifications.” That simple change takes all the power away from a negative belief. Calling anything a trap becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. Calling something a concern is valid and reduces it to something you can handle.

3. What if this limiting belief was not holding you back, what would you do?  We all need the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Now, be brave and brainstorm solutions. What could you do to change this? Just write down solutions, don’t worry about choosing one. Get help from a supportive friend who has your best interest at heart; “Hey Dan/Cindy, I really want to have more time with my kids but I have work too much… How can I change this?” It could be you don’t really need the money, or you need a new job, or better time management. Just write down solutions, any idea that comes to mind.

5. Choose your next step and take it. Be bold and try something. Don’t think three steps ahead or worry that you don’t have more than a next step.

6. Make it a mission. If someone told you you’ll be executed six months from now unless you change this concern, I bet you’d do it.

7. Finish the things you start. Follow through. If it works great, if not try something else.

Limited thinking and toxic beliefs gain power from the dark, by remaining a thought in the back of your mind.

When we name it, re-name it, and make the solution our mission, we can overcome pretty much anything. And you’ll find that as humans, we’re pretty good at this, we were created to change and grow. Try it and let me know how it works!

To be a Life Virtuoso keep growing your thinking.

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