The Problem Is, Your Potential Dwarfs Your BELIEF In Your Potential

The problem is your potential dwarfs your belief in your potential. There is a current of disbelief in ourselves running through the world, telling us we are less, that we were meant to fall short, to stop dreaming big… or stop dreaming at all. I’ll be blunt. It’s a LIE. You are a genius.

Everyone’s Caught In A Trap, I Know How To Get Out, And You Do, Too

We all have a trap and the moment I say it you’ll agree: Our minds. Our beliefs. “Stinking’ Thinkin’.” We are all limited by the way we think. This is my enemy, too, no one is immune. Most people think they’re trapped by circumstances: “Not enough money or time, too old/young, not smart/talented/pretty enough, etc.” Not […]