“What IF?” vs Nebraska Floods… a GREAT story!

Evan gathered his team together and in the face of flood waters and every adversity said, “The community needs what we sell to recover from this flood. I know this is crazy, but what if we could open today, by 8AM, how would we do it?

You’re thinking small

Big Thinking Creative Perspective

Try this quick exercise. It only takes a moment: I want you to think about a specific dream, hope, goal or idea for your life. A big one. What is it? A business, relationship, career or financial position… maybe a charity or ministry? Choose one and get a picture of it in your head. Be […]

Big Announcement: My New VIP Membership Website!

virtuoso in progress membership site

“Those who dance look mad… to those who can’t hear the music.” Are you a VIP? I think you are. I know I am. To me, VIP means: Virtuoso In Progress. In other words, you and I are in training to become our personal best at the things that matter. It’s not about being good at […]

The Power of Not Responding

Above, I was no more proselytizing for Buddha, than I proselytize for Dr. Seuss when I sing “I do not like green eggs and ham” to the tune of “Black Dog.” 🙂

Do You Want To Get Well?

Stop whining, it annoys people. 
Stop complaining, it doesn’t change anything.
Stop making excuses, they only justify inaction.
Choose now to get well, decide what that means, and do it. 

Take The What IF? Challenge

My What IF? Challenge is 16 powerful sessions with me, each a fun, 3 – 4 1/2 minute video with a carefully chosen “What IF?” question I designed to transform your mindset, open up your possibilities, give you more time, and supercharge your performance.

Your Most Important Skill: Change Your Thinking Habit

Your questions and inner dialogue define the quality of your life and all of your results!” Success in anything – careers, relationships, parenting, health, etc – requires that we continually transform the way we think.