Try this quick exercise. It only takes a moment:

I want you to think about a specific dream, hope, goal or idea for your life. A big one.
What is it?

A business, relationship, career or financial position… maybe a charity or ministry?

Choose one and get a picture of it in your head. Be specific.

Do you have it? Picture it completed and successful.

Ok, now…

I want you to think bigger about it, bigger than you thought before.

What does it look like bigger?

What if it was even more successful, more fantastic than you’ve ever imagined, what would that look like?

Got it?

OK, now… think bigger than that.

I mean BIGGER. This might take some courage, but do it.

What does it look like even bigger and more successful than your last picture?

Can you do it? Get that picture in your head.

OK, now… Think even bigger than that!

I mean get grandiose. Crazy. Bold.

What if it was just stupid big, what would that look like?

Do you have it? Think about it. Get a clear picture of your now triple-sized goal.

Got it?

OK, now… realize this:

You’re thinking small.

The fact is you are so infinite, so capable, so utterly designed for greatness and accomplishment it’s almost unbelievable.

The only thing you may lack is the resources and inspiration to make it happen.

That’s where I come in.

Now, you may not want what that larger picture is, I accept that.

With one caveat.

Do you not want it because you don’t want it, or because you think it’s too much work?

Or because you’re scared that if you set that goal and fall short you’ll feel like a failure?

We negotiate away half of our opportunities in life at the front end because we start by aiming… at the middle.


Think big.

To give credit where it is due, my friend, mentor, brother, Dan Burrus walked me through this exercise years ago and I repeat it every year or so.

In many ways it changed my life.

My goal now is to share with you the tools it takes to realize goals like yours; I’d like to be your guide.

One of the features of joining my VIP (Virtuoso In Progress) Membership site is a weekly Zoom call with me, for members only (remember those 80’s jackets? Push up the sleeves!) where I will share specific insights and secrets and then answer your questions.

Most people don’t have goals too big and fall short, most people have goals too small and achieve them… exciting goals like “pay my bills;” “get through the day;” “put food on the table;” “make it to Friday.”

Is that what you want?

Your life is too important to coast through.

Remember, coasting only happens downhill.

Live truly, truly live,


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