“Those who dance look mad…

to those who can’t hear the music.”

Are you a VIP?

I think you are. I know I am.

To me, VIP means: Virtuoso In Progress.

In other words, you and I are in training to become our personal best at the things that matter.

It’s not about being good at everything; it’s about being great at the most important things… A Life Virtuoso.
[Watch my TED Talk called “Become A Life Virtuoso” ]

I know from your responses and continued support most of you want to live life to the full… to get the most out of your relationships, careers, health, and time. Right?

And let’s be honest, as VIP’s, you and I are a little different, occasionally misunderstood, sometimes laughed at. That’s because we want to to step out, take chances, to do more than expected and get the most out of what we’ve been given.

The question I ask daily is, how do we act on that choice?

This really matters to me.

We want to learn, to grow, to stand out, or just up… to become a Life Virtuoso, but some are skeptical, hesitant, even fearful…

Well, no.

What IF… I could solve these challenges for you?

What IF… I could give you the right resources in every important area, make them affordable, and achievable in just a few minutes per day?

What IF… I could be your guide, your fellow traveler on the journey to becoming a Life Virtuoso?

Introducing… Rayburn’s VIP Membership Site!

Friends, this is what I have been working on for the past two years, and in many ways my entire life…and I’m soft launching it with you, my What IF Weekly subscribers (My People!) now.

The VIP Membership site is… everything I know.

The VIP Membership Site is for you if you are…


Right now it is free with a strong sampling of simple, effective tools to help supercharge your life and results.

Also, for members there will be weekly interactive events with me, personally.

Ultimately, it will be a cornucopia of in-depth modules and resources for everything from…  transforming your creativity and possibility thinking, to designing your perfect future, to developing Virtuoso life practices, to supercharging your finances; and the most important point is this:

Every resource is presented in five minutes or less. 

Yes, every video session with me takes less than five minutes to watch, and as long you like to complete. (Plus, I start almost every session with guitar!).

I want to enhance your day, not take up your day.

(Of course, you overachievers can do as many sessions as you like!)

I sign all of my “What IF Weekly’s” by saying, “Live truly, truly live.”

My VIP Membership site is just what you need to do exactly that.

Register here: vip.mikerayburndev.wpengine.com

Live Truly, Truly Live,


PS: Members will also get free streaming access to my most popular recordings, as well as the ten daily practices I use to become a Life Virtuoso. (Plus, I play guitar in almost every session).

PPS: The quote at top is from Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher with whom I rarely agree… but I give credit where it’s due… and here he is so right.

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