Today’s Virtuoso Tip: Be Lucky!

Huh? How do you just be lucky? Isn’t luck by definition unpredictable?

Well, yes and no. You certainly can’t plan luck. However, you can give luck one heck-of-a-chance to happen. It’s been said that luck is where the line of preparation crosses the line of opportunity. So…

To be lucky, be prepared.

I used to play a resort bar at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia. I could have just played background music but instead, every night I worked to turn it into a funny, entertaining show. Other guitar players would say, “Dude, take it easy, you’ll get paid the same either way.” I ignored them.

One evening the Director of Morale, Welfare and Recreation for the US Atlantic Fleet happened into my show. He loved it! Within a year I was touring for the navy playing bases all over the east coast, Puerto Rico, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, all because this guy happened to see me.

The other guitar players said, “You’re just lucky.” Well, yes. But I played as often as possible and treated each show like it was my one shot! I gave luck one heck-of-a-chance to happen.

If you’re reading this you actively pursue self improvement. Opportunities will come your way. The question is, will you be ready when they do? To be lucky, be prepared.

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