Are You Half-Hearted?

My 15-yr old son, Zach, decided he wants to play hockey (inspired by the Vegas Golden Knights’ success). He passionately wants to play. He (and I) started playing street hockey twice a week. Zach got a stick, a small goal and he practices in our cul-de-sac every afternoon… until after 10PM. He’s going to the gym to […]

To Be Extraordinary, Be With People Who Are Extraordinary

This week’s tip comes from the four days I just spent in Costa Rica as a member of the Transformational Leadership Council. Members include Jack Canfield (creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and author of “The Secret”); Dr. John Gray (author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”); and many others you may have heard of. Everyone is either a NY Times Best-Selling author, a world-class speaker or coach… some kind of thought leader in personal transformation. (I guess I’m kinda “guitar boy”).