You can be right, or you can be free…

A life of excellence begins with taking responsibility.  Right now, declare that from this day forward everything in your life is your responsibility, meaning your present, your future, and even your past.  Almost all of us have had bad things happen, some horrific and completely out of our control.  We can’t choose the family or circumstance to which we’re born.  Yes, that is totally unfair.  However, regardless of whatever has happened, you have two choices: Blame someone else or take responsibility.  Justified or not, blame will ultimately take you down.  The only path to success is to take full responsibility for your life and everything in it.  You can be right, or you can be free.  Victims are absolutely right; but they are not free.  The path to joy, happiness and an excellent life is to completely forgive the past and take full responsibility for your present and future.

So, let’s make two decisions together right now.  Repeat this aloud with me. I advise making it a prayer as well:  “I (your name), from this day forward resolve to be an excellent human being.  I will strive for the optimum, as best I understand it, in every area of my life.  I also take full responsibility for my life – past, present and future – and accept that everything, including my success or failure, is completely in my own hands.”

Done?  Awesome.  Now, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve just risen to the top ten percent of people in this world.  Seriously, most people NEVER make this choice.  Most people coast through life, doing the minimum, accepting the status quo, and living what’s been called a life “of quiet desperation.”  Coasting is fine for a time, but it only happens down hill.  But not you.  You aspire to more, and I LOVE that!  Next we’ll flesh out exactly what that means.

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