I am blessed with some musical ability and the “entertainer” gene… But my most important gift is exhortation.

Yeah, when my friend, Mark Hollingsworth told me that 20 years ago I said what many of you are thinking: “What’s THAT?”

It means it matters to me that the people around me do better.

Not just a little, it matters deeply. Like, it’s my life.

I want people to soar!

I want to see careers skyrocket, finances supercharged, relationships happen and heal, physical and spiritual renewal… like I said, it’s my life.

And who are the “people around me?”


My friends. My family. My community.

Seeing those around me, seeing you shine is my most personal motivation, my purpose on earth.

Most of you reading this, I have never met (though I hope to).

That doesn’t change anything.

I want to know your story…and help you write a better one.

The problem is, I see so many people (and organizations, by the way) who want and could have so much more of what is awesome in life if they just made a few simple changes, if they just improved their mindset, or if they had the right tools.

And if they had a guide.

Inasmuch as I am capable, I would like to be that guide.

So, I have prayed, brainstormed, consulted, and prayed some more about exactly how to do that… and finally landed on a solution.

It is bold, it is powerful, and it is simple.

It is interactive with me.

In my next post, I will not only introduce it to you, I’m kind of “soft launching” it, free, while I continue creating and producing its vast resources.

So look for that next time, and until then, as always…

Live Truly, Truly Live,

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