My friend, Toby’s goal in life is to do as little as possible.

So you figure, slacker, lazy, right?


Toby is one of the best recording engineers I’ve ever known.

We were guitar majors together at James Madison University, Toby loved and became brilliant at recording engineering.

He went on to engineer not only most of my recordings (if you own them check the credits for Toby Seay… he’s on every recording from Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall and previous), but to work with everyone from BB King to Ringo Starr to Dolly Parton.

You see, Toby took his goal seriously.

First of all, he observed that lazy people have crappy lives.

They end up with heavy stress from messy homes, poor health, financial strife, and bad relationships. He didn’t want that.

So, Toby accurately reasoned that if he is the BEST at what he does, he gets the best gigs, he gets paid the most, he works the shortest hours, and the sooner and longer he can be home in front of the TV… which is what he wanted in the first place.

Here’s the point for you… 

If you want to have free time, if you want to live well and spontaneously, if you prefer vacation to work, if you want time for family and ease of living, if you want to retire and live well… or if you just want more time for Netflix – becoming a Life Virtuoso, your personal best is not only a good way, it’s the ONLY WAY. 

It takes just as much time and effort to think big as it does to think small.

But here’s the crazier thing…

In the long run, mediocrity costs WAAY more than greatness.

In life cost, opportunity cost, physical and emotional cost, it takes far more work and depletion to suffer through mediocrity than it does to enjoy the rewards of becoming a Life Virtuoso, a master of what matters.

Look… why are you here?

To muddle through? To get by? To be average? Is that what you want?

You were created on purpose and for a purpose.” 
           -Tim Cadillac 

You’re going to be here anyway, why not get the most out of it?

My VIP Membership site – The Virtuoso Community – is currently free and was created for exactly this purpose: To give you the tools to live intentionally and become your personal best.

But regardless of whether you use my resources or someone else’s, or a combination, get started!

Quit living by default and start living intentionally, on purpose.

The world needs you, your uniqueness, your greatness, what you bring to the table that no one else does.

As they ask in Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland,” have you lost your “muchness?”

Or, do you own your muchness and simply need some direction?

However you choose to do it, it’s time to become a Life Virtuoso.

Live truly, truly live,

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