How To Live Your EASIEST Life

My friend, Toby’s goal in life is to do as little as possible. So you figure, slacker, lazy, right? WRONG. Toby is one of the best recording engineers I’ve ever known. We were guitar majors together at James Madison University, Toby loved and became brilliant at recording engineering. He went on to engineer not only […]

You’ve Heard This But Tell The Truth, Do You Surround Yourself With Greatness?

For the past seven years I have presented my “What If?” Keynote Experience for the Youth Citizenship Seminar at Pepperdine University. 250 high school juniors spend a week living on campus experiencing speakers and activities in a life-changing event. Captain Charlie Plumb, George Foreman, Ben Stein, Darren Kavinoky, Marilyn Sherman, Scott McKain, Tommy Lasorda, and others donate their time and even pay their own travel.