How To Discover What Others Are Missing… The “What IF? Mindset.”

Michael Dubin revolutionized an industry without inventing anything.

To take over the multi-billion dollar men’s grooming industry one would assume you’d have to out-Gillette, Gillette, right? 15 blades, triple speed vibrating handles, built-in exfoliater, pimple remover and internet browser?


You need out-think them.

Dubin took simple, decent quality razors out of the chained, electric vault at the drug store, and offered to mail them to you once a month for a few dollars.

In 2011 Dollar Shave Club was born.

In 2017 he sold DSC to Unilever for, wait for it…

One Billion Dollars.

Michael Dubin didn’t invent anything.

He didn’t offer some crazy, breakthrough technology.

He saw a few simple problems…
*razors are way too expensive;
*they’re locked up and literally chained at the store, which makes the buying process demeaning and the buyer feel like a criminal;
*guys are usually not big shoppers; when they need to shave they’d rather use an old blade than go to the store.

Dubin thought, “What if… we sell good razors for a fair, low price and mail them to you?”

He then took action… and it made him a billionaire.

The entire point of my “What IF? Keynote Experience” is this:

Those same opportunities are sitting in front of you right now!

I want you to discover them.
I want you to see what others miss.
I want you to create abundance.

How? Everything begins with your mindset.

As I have said countless times…

Every major invention, victory or achievement in human history began in some way or another with a bold, “What IF?” question.

You need the “What IF? Mindset.”

So, if you’re with a major company who’s been at least somewhat dominant in your industry, realize that your downfall will be coasting, assuming things will always be this way.

Remember what I always say about coasting… it only happens downhill.

Your real competitor will be that industrious little startup who, from the outside has seen what you don’t about your own business.

Your solution… is to create, right now, a culture of “What IF…?” A culture of innovation, risk-taking and regular, intentional reinvention;

…you need the “What IF? Mindset.”

And if you’re the new guy/girl who notices something about a product or process that others don’t, this is your opportunity, and the solution is the same…

…you need the “What IF? Mindset.”

That idea you’ve always had, that glitch in the market you see… Jump on it!

One quick way to do that is to ask the following questions:
-What is missing from the marketplace?
-What bothers you about a product or service?
-What is everyone else not seeing?
-What industry, business or product hasn’t been updated in years?
-What problems do you have or see and how would you solve them?
-What if you did? And… what if it worked?

And… Why Not YOU?

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Live Truly, Truly Live,


PS Creating the “What IF? Mindset” for organizations is what I do. I have a larger Winter/Spring schedule at this point than I’ve ever had but there are open dates. Please contact my awesome management team at CMI to allow me to inspire your teams. 1(403) 398-8488 or hit “reply” and email us.

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