Time Breaks Everything… The Case for Intentional Reinvention. (Part 2)

My wife and I went car shopping last week.

During the first test drive – a used 2014 SUV (I never buy new) – I asked the salesman, who’d been selling this brand for 2 1/2 years, a simple question about the vehicle.

He puzzled over it and said, “I’m not sure, I’ll ask someone about that.”

I was surprised.

I would have thought that after 2 1/2 years he’d know all the basic info about all of his company’s vehicles.

Later, in the showroom, after that pretentious talk they always have with the sales manager, the price he brought to us was so high as to be insulting, and I knew because I’d done my research.

We left and ultimately bought the same make and model, a used 2017, better condition, for the same price.



In my last tip I made the case that all companies and organizations must practice intentional, proactive, strategic reinvention.

I shared that I believe this not an important option to consider, it is mandatory – the very life and death of your organization.

So let me ask you this...

What about you?

Do people – people like you – need to reinvent? YES!

The way we do everything – managing finances, communicating with our families, having relationships, listening to music, driving cars, fighting fires, teaching – hasn’t just changed, it is constantly changing.

Again, staying still, even when what you’re doing now is working, will leave you behind because, and again…

Time Breaks Everything.

To remain relevant in your career you’ve got to update and improve your skills, whatever you do.

What I really want you – as part of my Virtuoso Community – to do is see this as an amazing advantage and opportunity.

As much as people look at CE – Continuing Education – as a requirement, a chore, imagine what would happen if you decided to get crazy about learning?

What if you began to read, research, practice and expand in your field, not because you have to but to increase your value?

What if you chose to become the expert – a Virtuoso – in your field?
As I say in every keynote I deliver, “Most adults are coasting; and coasting only happens downhill.”

That car salesman last week was a great example of coasting.

He could have learned all there is to know about his vehicles in 2 1/2 years, and he assumed that I was equally uneducated.

His loss.

I’ll be honest, I fought it for years.

Now, I have done a 180 degree turn, I’m embracing it… learning, technology, improvements on every level.

Important point…
The fact that time breaks everything is not a function of the technological revolution.
It is timeless.

2000 years ago the bible said we are to… “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Rom 12:2)

Renewing – Reinventing… same thing.

Let’s get really personal…
Did your marriage start off great, but it’s slowly deteriorated, even to the point of thinking you married the wrong person?

Good news, you didn’t.

You just need to reinvent.

Time breaks everything, even marriages.

How do you reinvent a marriage?

Develop a passion together, go on a mission trip together, get involved with a charity together, go on an amazing vacation, move, but be intentional about it.

And don’t wait until you have to.

Like I said last week…

The time to reinvent is when things are good, don’t give them the chance to go downhill.

So, as Virtuosos I want you to proactively reinvent yourself in your career as well as your marriage, friendships, health and even your spirituality… keep it fresh!

Stop letting life slide by.

Become a Life Virtuoso.

And please share this on Facebook, twitter, wherever you can!

Live Truly, Truly Live,


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